Xuver has developed the world’s first in-browser viewer. With this one-of-a-kind tool and our especially for this purpose developed Sketchup plugin, your skp files will truly come to life. In this article we provide a step-by-step guide into this process from skp file to Xuver.

As a Sketchup designer, your designs are your pride and joy. With Xuver, you can provide a walk-through version of your creations to everyone that needs to see them. Whether you use Sketchup as a hobby, or on a professional basis: With Xuver you will always be able to invite anyone involved and give them live updates while walking through your very own 3D model with an avatar (a 3D figure).

Step 1: signing up and converter download

Starting to use Xuver is an easy and quick process. In a matter of moments, you can already walk through your design and invite others. The first step you take is to register. Xuver offers a free trial for a period of 2 weeks, after that we offer several different subscriptions. After signing up, you have to download the Sketchup converter. The converter itself is free and works quick and easy after a quick installation. With this converter, you can convert any skp file into a Xuver (.xr) file.

Step 2: Convert your skp file

Congratulations! You are now ready to convert your very first skp file into a Xuver file that is compatible with the in-browser viewer. After installation of the converter, you can open the SketchUp converter. In the window you can simply drag and drop your desired skp file and it will be converted right away! So Select your desired skp file, the location to save it in and off you go! Your file is now converted and ready to be uploaded into the Xuver Backend System.

Step 3: Upload, view and share!

Log into the Backend System and click on the option ‘add new project’. Name your project and select the converted file from your hard-drive. Upload this .xr file and let Xuver do the rest. Select ‘set avatar starting point’ when asked. You can now set where you want the 3D figure -the avatar- to start walking. The fun starts: you can check out your model while walking around and explore the many interactive functions in this one-of-a-kind browser tool. But the real fun starts when you start inviting others inside your model. Take your clients on a journey with this in-browser viewer.

Sharing your model with clients, colleagues or friends is a very easy process. Go back to your projects and click on the icon that says ‘share project’. Here you simply fill in the e-mail address (or addresses). Your invitations are now sent, and everyone invited can now enter the model from their own location, with their own avatar.

Now you can walk through the model together, while you use the voice module to update everyone inside and discuss details. You can also point at details to further clarify what you are talking about. Ultimate multi-user interactivity, without even leaving your own office!

Xuver welcomes you!

We created this one-of-a-kind platform with you, the creator in mind. The convenience of in-browser viewing, together with interactivity and multi-user compatibility makes this the ultimate tool to share your designs to everyone who wants to see them. We welcome the Sketchup community with all its creativity to use our viewer as an amazing addition to their toolbox.

Would you like to know more about our viewer and how to convert your skp file into Xuver? Feel free to read our FAQ or contact us directly for more information. Or experience Xuver directly by signing op after clicking the button below!