The architecture world is dynamic and always full of rapid new developments. Especially over the last few years, it looks like cities around the world are building more and more futuristic buildings. By looking at what’s already built we get a better understanding of what is possible. So get inspired by these interesting constructions.

Tianjin Binhai Library, China

This incredible building was designed by the world-renowned Rotterdam based architect firm MVRDV and opened in 2007. The inside of the building has floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that are shaped like a giant eye, which is best seen when looking from the outside in. When this building was opened in 2007, approximately 10.000 people per day visited, causing huge queues outside. 

Tianjin Binhai Library futuristic buildings

The Vessel, New York City

Only recently opened (march 2019), The Vessel is a building that doesn’t seems to come straight from a sci-fi movie or an alien planet. This huge honeycomb-like structure is a major landmark in New York City as part of the Hudson Yards redevelopment project. The Vessel’s sole purpose is to serve as a vantage point and landmark, or as one of the developers said: ‘to stand out like a 12-month Christmas tree’. Well, I guess they succeeded.

The Vessel, New York City - a futuristic building

Strata tower, London

This 148-meter tall behemoth in the south of London is a residential building with 408 flats and over 1000 residents. It was opened in June 2010. The shape of the building in itself is quite special, earning it the nickname ‘The Razor’. But what’s truly unique is that there are three wind turbines on top of the building that should supply clean energy. Should, we said because reportedly these turbines have never moved.

Strata tower, London

MahaNakhon, Bangkok

The tallest building in Thailand looks like it’s constructed in a video game, with a ‘pixelated’ spiral ribbon moving up to the top of this 314-meter tall building. The rooftop of the MahaNakhon is an observation deck which comes with a glass window for visitors to look down upon the streets of the Thai capital way below. MhaNakhon was opened in 2016.

MahaNakhon, Bangkok

Absolute World, Toronto

Spirals seem to be a re-occurring theme in futuristic buildings these days. The two residential towers in Toronto, named Absolute World, are no different. The two towers were completed between 2007 and 2012 and the larger one of the two twists a whopping total of 209 degrees from base to top! 

absolute world, Toronto

What futuristic architecture are you designing? 

As a 3D architect or designer, creating the world’s next big thing is always a dream. But not all new buildings have to be futuristic. Your architectural inspiration can come from the past, from nature or many other sources. The five futuristic buildings may or may not be inspirational to you personally. In order to help you visualize your designs, XUVER has created a great tool for you.

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