The architectural world is prone to quick new developments. Sometimes the simplest ideas make all the difference. Old buildings and techniques make way for new ones, and the great thing about architecture is that there is an overlap in many professions that leaves a great deal to discover. So what are some interesting developments being talked about? We list 5 architecture inspiration talks that will give you fresh ideas!

1. Floating cities, the Lego house and other architecture inspiration of the future

When it comes to sustainable architecture, Danish architect Bjarke Ingels is a household name. Originally wanting to be a cartoonist, his drawing skills eventually landed him into architecture and in this architecture inspiration video he passionately shares his views on the future of sustainable building and new methods.

Ingels speaks about his projects past and present, such as a ‘Lego’ housing project for students in Copenhagen, a floodline in Manhattan inspired by the famous Highline (dubbed the ‘Dryline’) and a design to create modular floating cities.

2. A playful solution to the housing crisis

In order to tackle the housing crisis in her home country, Australia, where home ownership is at its lowest point in recorded history, Sarah Murray developed a very interesting solution. In this architecture inspiration talk she speaks about a game-like application that will provide the future home owner with all the information needed about their new home.

Her vision? Sustainable homes should be available for everyone, not just the one percent.

3. How I’m making bricks out of ashes and rubble in Gaza

In the Gaza Strip, destruction of houses and apartments is unfortunately something that happens very often. As awful as this ongoing crisis is, it also creates opportunities for inventive solutions. In this architecture inspiration talk Gaza native Majd Mashharawi talks about her startup that makes bricks out of ashes and rubble, which made it possible to rebuild the homes of about 50 families.

4. Buildings that blend nature and city

Modern cities no longer consists of rows and rows of concrete housing blocks with little to no greenery. New developments are looking at blending nature and architecture. Jeanne Gang doesn’t like to call herself an architect: instead she prefers to call herself a ‘relationship builder’. Because, according to her, that’s what architecture is about. Building relationships, between people, architecture and nature. Do you agree with her?

5. Will there ever be a mile-high skyscraper?

In 1956, Frank Lloyd Wright designed a skyscraper that was a mile (1.6 kilometres) high. As buildings around the globe shoot up, this once-ridiculed idea is not so ridiculous anymore. In this architecture inspiration talk architect and urban designer Stefan Al tries to answer the question whether we will ever build a mile-high tower. While doing so, he gives an interesting insight in the enormous forces that this building needs to withstand in order to not collapse.

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