In this series of blog articles, we will put a different Xuver feature in the spotlight. We will explain how to use this feature in the process of clarifying your 3D designs to your clients. In this article, we will discuss the Ghost Mode. The Ghost Mode allows you to walk through walls and closed doors, indeed: just like a ghost!

Why the Ghost Mode?

Why was there a need to add this new feature to Xuver? Pretty much all 3D designers keep doors closed in their designs, so the avatars often encountered closed-off areas in the model that were hard to reach. We received many requests from architects to make it possible to keep doors closed and being able to enter the model with the avatar. Xuver wants the best user experience and made it a priority to create a solution. The result, Ghost Mode. It has been available for a few weeks. We are still working on improvements but have received many positive reactions.

How to use Ghost Mode?

The ghost mode is easily activated by pressing the ‘G’-button while navigating up to a solid door with your avatar. The ghost mode makes closed doors and windows transparent to your avatar, for as long as the ‘g’-key is pushed. This allows you to access every part of your model immediately. Simply access your building through the front door and check out all angles of your design.

Time to get started

Have you tried the ghost mode yet? If you don’t have an account yet just register today and experience the convenience of Xuver’s powerful in-browser visualization. You can invite clients, contractors or colleagues inside to walk through the model with you. Experience the convenience of this powerful in-browser visualization tool today!