Using Xuver for 3D viewing to keep everyone in the loop - Xuver

What does it take to keep your clients informed in the 3D viewing process? Often the answer to that question is something like: investing both time and money to bring everyone up to par. In order to make your client imagine your 3D design, accurate visualization is often needed. Expensive and time-consuming 3D impressions are made. Can it be done differently? 

The answer is yes

With Xuver, you save both time and money, while you keep all your clients happy and informed at the same time. Xuver is the world’s first in-browser visualization platform that will turn your 3D design into a walk-through 3D viewing. Xuver works inside the browser, so everyone logs in from their own location and there is much less need to travel to your clients in person, saving you valuable time and costs. 

Taking 3D viewing to a new level

Xuver is taking 3D viewing to a new level. By inviting your clients for a 3D viewing inside your design, you will give them the opportunity to actually envision their future home as if it’s already built. This approach is a major advantage for those clients that aren’t familiar with technical 3D drawings since they will be able to walk through your design as if it were already built. 

What are the benefits of using Xuver?

  • You can use Xuver for 3D viewing in every phase of the modelling process. From an unfinished model that focuses purely on the dimension, to the fully detailed version of their new home, vacation villa or yacht. 
  • In Xuver, everyone walks around with their own 3D figure, the avatar. This 3D figure adds a feel for space and dimension. By navigating the avatar through the building, it becomes more than ‘just’ a 3D viewing: it becomes an experience that will be as clear as viewing in real life. 
  • Interactivity is key to provide a clear image of your 3D design. In Xuver, there are a few features that can be used to inform everyone involved. Among others, there is a voice module that enables live communication and a laser pointer to point at parts of the model.
  • Everyone can use Xuver right away. After a quick conversion into a Xuver (.xr) file, you can upload your 3D design made in the file formats of SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD or IFC. After this, you invite your clients inside for a 3D viewing. The viewer has been designed in such a manner that there is no need for extra training for your clients to use this tool. 

Start using Xuver today

You can start using Xuver right away and invite the first of your clients into your 3D models. Arrange a 3D viewing and take your clients on a tour of their new home, viewing of their new dream yacht or into the courtyard of the apartment block that they will be living in in the near future. After all: a happy client is an informed client.