In this series of blog articles, we will put the spotlight on features and dedicate a blog to a single feature. We will explain how to use this feature in the architectural process and hope to give you some new ideas on how you can put that feature to use.

In this article, we discuss Xuver’s option to highlight anything you want inside your 3D model. This feature allows you to put the virtual spotlight on different aspects of your design, so you can be sure that the focus will be on that particular part.

A feature made for virtual meetings

Xuver is the world’s first multi-user viewer that works inside the web browser. That means that this platform was designed to organize virtual meetings about your 3D designs. For example, you are designing an offshore drilling platform for a big oil company.

A complicated design with many details requires some extra tools to keep everyone inside the model on their toes and clarify what is being talked about. If you highlight a certain part of your design (e.g. a wall or steel beam construction) by clicking on it, you can be sure everyone gets the essence of the virtual meeting.

In combination with other features

The highlight feature can be used perfectly on its own, but in combination with other added options inside the viewer the true combined power of this viewing tool comes across. You can use this feature in combination with the voice module.

Highlight at will, while at the same time walking your clients through the new interior of their house and talking to everyone inside in real time. While talking and highlighting, you can even use the added laser pointer. Do you want to discuss only a certain part of the highlighted part of your design? The highlight feature in combination with the laser pointer is the way to do this.

Get started!

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