Reduce your travel expenses with Xuver

Did you know that by using Xuver as your virtual meeting platform, you can reduce your travel expenses up to 50%? Travelling back and forth to your clients can take quite a lot of time. With Xuver, you can meet your clients online, inside the 3D-model! It’s quick, easy, and everyone can access from their own location requiring no more than an Internet connection!

How to reduce your travel costs by using Xuver?

There sometimes are clients who are just too far away to visit in person. How do you bring those clients effectively up to par on your designs? That’s where Xuver comes in. We offer commercial possibilities. With Xuver, you can create a virtual model in which you can invite your clients, by simply sending them the browser link.

Everyone can walk around with their own 3D figure (the avatar) and experience space and dimensions. Simply put: by using Xuver you are travelling less while you are achieving the same result: a thorough communication service towards your clients. Everyone can access and use Xuver right away, there is no software download or special training required.

Organise a virtual meeting with Xuver

So we talked about meeting your clients inside your model, but how do you turn this virtual meet-up into an actual productive meeting? Xuver has all the tools required to make communication smooth and easy. There is a voice module that works through your device’ microphone, any recent device has one, which allows you to speak with everyone inside the model.

This way, you can view the 3D model while you communicate, just like a real-life viewing. Furthermore, there is an option to point at anything with the laser pointer. This will further clarify what is being talked about by simply pointing at it.

More handy features

While you are having a virtual meeting inside the model, there are more features to explore. For example, you can cut cross sections in your model or show and hide different layers, to show what is hidden underneath or try out different scenarios. Read more about that feature here. All features combined make Xuver the world’s first completely online viewer, created with the architect and their clients in mind.

Get started today

The only thing you need to do now is to agree on a time to meet your clients inside the model. Since your clients can now be in any time zone in the world, this might just be the hardest part. For the rest, Xuver is a breeze to use. Feel free to sign up and try out your first virtual meeting. Within minutes, you can be meeting with your clients inside your model.