Your clients often already have a certain image of your designs in their mind. Although this creates a great working atmosphere in which ideas can be freely exchanged, your clients’ expectations can be unrealistic or even technically impossible. So how do you manage your clients’ expectations while keeping everyone involved and informed during the process?

Keep your client involved from the beginning

Whether you are designing a big office building or an offshore oil drilling rig: it’s essential to keep your clients involved from the beginning of the project. This will not only result in happy clients, but it will also keep the risk for future misunderstandings low. You are able to tell them how the work progresses and what the implications of a certain design choice will be. But how do you show them without traveling back and forth all the time?

Use Xuver to inform everyone without breaking a sweat

With Xuver, you can show your 3D design from the comforts of your own office, home or under a palm tree in the Bahamas (if you happen to be there at the time). The same goes for your client: any place with an Internet connection will do just fine. Xuver makes your 3D design available as a walk-through virtual world. Your clients can walk around your model by navigating the avatar (a 3D figure) around. You send the browser link to your model and your client will be able to join you for a virtual viewing. 

Show alternatives for specific requests

During this virtual viewing, you can walk around inside the model as if it was already built. As said, you can choose to use Xuver early in the modelling process and show your clients the first outlines of the model. Later on, you can always show them the fully detailed model. This way, you will be able to show your client what the implications are of certain design choices or show alternatives for specific requests your client may have.

Examples from current user Experiences 

  • The client wants a big open office and insists on seeing a big retaining wall go. Since that would conflict with the construction, this is not an option. With the layer feature in Xuver, you can show alternatives, such as a structural pillar or a ceiling beam that will carry the weight of the structure.
  • While designing a new house extension, the client isn’t sure yet what the exact sizes can be and is in doubt between two different sizes. In order to show them the implications of both options, you can add them as layers in your model and show them to your client in Xuver. In this manner, you can easily make a decision together. 

Travel less, while keeping your communication standards high

Because viewing your designs with your clients takes place inside the browser, there is less need to travel to your clients. As a matter of fact, current Xuver users note that there is about a 50% decrease in traveling times. With Xuver you will be able to keep your communication standards while traveling less to your clients. 

Start using Xuver today!

Xuver can work with SketchUp, Revit, IFC and ArchiCAD models as sources. The only thing you need to do is sign up and after a few simple steps, you can already start managing your clients’ expectations.