An online meeting can be a great way to save time and connect with an audience anywhere in the world. However, it sometimes feels like all we do is meet online, and there’s a risk of online meeting fatigue around the corner. So how do you take your next online meeting to a new, inspiring and engaging level?

The answer can be found in the science behind how we as human beings perceive our value in accordance to social engagement and being part of a team. Face-to-face meetings, spontaneous chats with team members are all very important aspects of our perception of value. Without these, we tend to fall back into a mode of non-creativeness that makes us lethargic. This is obviously not an environment where creative ideas are born.

Create offline engagement with online technology

So how do you avoid this phenomenon, sometimes aptly called Zoom fatigue? The answer can be simple: by creating old-school, offline engagement in an online environment. XUVER does this, and much more.

Imagine the following scenario: Setting up a quick, spontaneous and fun online meeting with your team members from across the globe to thank them for their efforts on completing a big project. In order to surprise them, you can create a custom, online meeting space in XUVER, that is fully decorated in the style of your company. Sounds cool, right?

Online, creative and fun

By using XUVER, you can do this completely online. All the participants to the online meeting get their own link sent to them, after which they can join the online meeting with their very own custom avatar. No software installations or other additional steps are required, so everyone can access the custom virtual meeting space easy and quick.

After everyone is inside, it is time to chat away! This can be done by using the video chat feature, a small screen that will appear atop the avatars’ head. Or perhaps you want to share a video of the highlights or results of the completed project? In your online meeting space, a big screen can be placed to do so. Using XUVER in this way creates offline engagement with the added virtues of online technology. After meeting in this way, you and your team are happy, creative and ready to take on the next big challenge.

A complete online meeting platform

The abovementioned is just one example of how XUVER can be used as an engaging and creativity-driven online meeting platform for teams, communities and audiences from across the world. Using XUVER in this way allows you to build meaningful relationships through online engagement.

And these meetings can be whatever you need them to be: webinars, lectures, work chats, online events or even online retail sales. Would you like to learn more about XUVER and how it can be used to suit your specific needs? In 30 minutes, we can explain everything you need to know in a free demo. Click on the button below to book your demo.