Using 3D communication is a great way to explain your 3D designs to your clients. As an architect or 3D designer, presentation and communication are incredibly important in your business process. XUVER is the only tool that enables you to communicate all your 3D models directly to your clients via their own browser.

Why use 3D communication?

When communicating a 3D design or drawing to your client, it’s often a hard task to make sure everyone understand what you mean. And that’s only logical, since not everyone has the same extensive technical knowledge to truly understand a 3D model. XUVER has developed a brand new way of using 3D communication.

This is -in short- how XUVER’s 3D communication works:

  • In XUVER, your designs are quickly converted into an online accessible 3D communication model.
  • Your client joins you inside the model by clicking on the browser link
  • You and your client see eachother’s 3D figure, the avatar
  • Direct communication is possible through the built-in audio module
  • While communicating directly with your clients, you can take them on a 3D tour of the model and view everything as if it was a real-life viewing.
  • XUVER can be used on any tablet, laptop or smartphone
  • It’s possible to edit parts of your 3D model while inside the design

Using 3D communication in this way brings a lot of possibilities for you and your clients. This technology was developed with the architect and 3D designer, and their clients in mind.

XUVER works without any unnecessary downloads and can be used to meet up with your clients quick and easy. There are no downloads or complicated steps for your clients: they simply click on the link you send them and they will show up inside the 3D communication model.

Why use 3D communication?

Using XUVER has its advantages for the modern architect. You will see that your clients will be impressed by its user-friendliness and extensive communication and presentation possibilities. Besides that, being able to walk around inside the 3D model truly makes them understand the design. This will save you precious time.

By using 3D communication technology, you will make sure your clients truly understand the designs you’re creating for them. In other words: you will show them the design, instead of merely trying to explain a complicated 3D drawing.

Imply 3D communication today

With XUVER, making 3D communication part of your architectural toolkit is easier than ever. Simply sign up for our free trial and invite your first clients today. After signing up, you are able to convert your 3D files (SketchUp, Revit, ARCHICAD, FBX and IFC) into a .xr. file. This file is then used to make your very first interactive 3D communication model. Simply invite your clients by sending them the browser link. After selecting an avatar, they will show up inside the design.

Communicate, present and host online viewings in XUVER

Presenting your design has never been this easy. In a time where more and more architects and 3D designers are working from home, you can now show your designs just as easy (if not easier) without leaving your office. XUVER is your ultimate presentation and communication platform that can be accessed from anywhere in the world and from any device. Ultimate flexibility combined with direct communication: XUVER will make sure your clients truly understand your designs.

What’s in it for me?

Using 3D communication in your designs will benefit you in more ways than one. Your clients understanding your models quicker and easier doesn’t only result in happy faces at the other end of the table, it will also significantly reduce costs as projects take less time to complete.

XUVER is trusted as a complete communication and online presentation platform by thousands of architects and 3D designers worldwide. Our current users report an average of 40 per cent less time needed to explain and get approval from clients and stakeholders: simply by presenting their 3D designs with XUVER.