Xuver has created an online BIM viewer for your 3D models. This communication tool allows you to share your 3D models with clients and colleagues from anywhere in the world. Read all about this one-of-a-kind viewer in this article.

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IFC BIM model to interactive 3D communication

Your sketch can be converted within moments into an interactive BIM environment, which can be viewed online. This can be done with our specifically designed plugins or converter. With this free software, we are able to convert a great number of file formats. For an IFC model, we have also found a fitting solution. Simply download our free IFC converter and within moments your sketch is converted into a Xuver (.xr) file. This file can be uploaded into our Backend System, after which it will be turned into an interactive 3D model.

bim viewerIFC BIM sketch optimally visualized

This interactivity mainly shows in the fact that your models can be accessible completely online and easily shareable with others in real-time. It doesn’t matter whether you use Windows or Mac Os, this all works completely in the browser. Therefore, our tool in itself is unique and offers a lot of advantages. For a long time, it was necessary to download heavy and often costly software in order to view and share 3D models. Those days are gone now. View your converted IFC BIM sketch with unprecedented ease and share it with all parties involved. This can be done simply by sending them the link.

Interactivity and user-friendliness

After this step, everyone involved can view the models created from their own location and their own browser. You can even walk through the model with your own personal avatar. At the same time, the model can be discussed in real-time, by using the built-in speaking module. Or point out the different details by using the laser pointer. Furthermore, we made it possible to remove and re-add layers in the model. The idea is that all stakeholders can have an instant feel and understanding of the BIM models. Everyone can be inside the model at the same time and use the interactive BIM features to discuss different points. This applies to all parties from technical to non-tech. 

Advantages of the IFC viewer

Perhaps most importantly: everyone views the model from their own comfortable location. This makes our viewer unprecedentedly interactive and incredibly handy. Furthermore, you will save time (and money), as there is no longer a need to drive to your clients to meet in person. Simply invite everyone into the model and show them directly what is meant. A work meeting or construction briefing was never this easy and efficient!

Would you like to learn more about this unique online viewer, that can also be used for viewing your IFC BIM files? In that case, we want to invite you to contact us. Our ambitious team would love to provide a personal demonstration, so you can see for yourself how this IFC BIM viewer can be useful for you!