The Industry and Foundation Classes (IFC) file format is an important neutral file format used for the exchange of BIM information. This file format can be used by pretty much all professionals that are involved in the building process. Logically, Xuver has also developed an IFC converter, with which these files can easily be converted.

The convenience of the IFC converter

With Xuver’s IFC converter you can convert an IFC file in an unprecedented easy manner to a Xuver (.xr) file. The IFC converter is available for free and can be downloaded through our website. After downloading you can open the converter, after which you can get to work. Follow the steps and upload your sketch in the program. The file is now being converted to an especially for this viewer developed .xr file. Now you can log into the Xuver Backend System, where you can upload this file. The file is now being converted into a beautiful visualization in our web based viewer.

The unique Xuver viewer

But what makes the Xuver web based viewer so unique.  For a start, the viewer is completely web based. Therefore it is no longer needed to download heavy software in order to view a design. Secondly, the user friendliness of the viewer makes this tool easy and accessible to use. And lastly: there are many options to communicate with and point out aspects of the design to clienst and other parties involved in the project. All of this makes for less time spent at the drawing table. Now you can explain your designs in a fast and efficient manner. Impress your clients and tell them exactly what you mean.

Did we trigger your curiosity?

Did you become curious after reading this article and would you like to know more about the many possibilities of the Xuver viewer and the IFC converter? In that case you can always contact us for more information. Our young and ambitious is ready to inform you further. With aid of our extensive portfolio we can show you around. Do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail or phone for more information. Or sign up for the free trial!