Xuver has found a quick way to convert every IFC model into an interactive 3D model. With our online viewer, a new era of 3D communication has arrived. From now on, you can view all your designs within your own browser, invite others to join, walk around and use our in-built speaker to talk. Clients and colleagues only need a link and can use a PC, tablet or mobile phone to view the 3D model.

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Every IFC model quickly converted

As a professional, you are most likely familiar with the file format IFC. Our unique online IFC viewer is the first in the market that works from within the browser. This special tool has been brought on the market with ultimate user-friendliness as one of its key selling points. This also goes for the IFC user. To ensure that everyone can use this viewer quickly, we made sure that all your ifc files can be converted as smooth as possible.

IFC model

The only thing you need to do is to download our free ifc converter. After downloading this converter, simply drag and drop your IFC file into the program, after which the .ifc file will get converted into a Xuver (.xr) file. This file can now be downloaded into our Backend System. After a few moments, this file is already converted into a beautiful and interactive 3D model.

From IFC model to interactive 3D technology

And with this interactive 3D model, literally, everyone can work right away. Our online viewer has been designed in such a way, that no extra training is required in order to use this viewer. Quite literally, everyone with a good laptop and an internet connection can open the link and walk through the model. In this manner, everyone can view a design at their own speed. And this can also be done together since the viewer is multi-user. Of course, everyone involved in the model can view this from the comforts of their own location. Because of the many interactive features, the model can also easily be discussed.

Your IFC model made interactively

Because besides this user-friendliness, interactivity is another key point of this online viewer. While you walk through the model with other parties involved, you can discuss every aspect of the model by using the built-in speaking module. You can also point out details, highlight objects and remove (and re-add) layers. This makes everything clear in a quick and effective manner.

Because we live in a visual time, and not everyone possesses the same technical knowledge, this online viewer can be a huge asset which saves you time and money. You can simply share the HTML link, instead of visiting other parties in order to show the blueprint of the model and spend a lot of time explaining a technical drawing.

Will your ifc model be visualized soon?

Perhaps this article sparked your interest in getting your own IFC model visualized in our online viewer. In that case, we would like to hear if we can do something for you. Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities or subscribe to try our online viewer for free.