‘What’s that?’ How the modern architect shows everything with an interactive 3D visualization

In a time where we all spend several hours a day behind a screen, interactive 3D visualization becomes more important than ever. With Xuver, you can show your design in every possible phase. Keep your client involved from sketching to the construction phase, which improves overall communication and manages expectation.

Foundations and basic dimensions

Showing your client an interactive 3D visualization of the foundations and/or basic dimensions of a project might seem a bit early, but it certainly has its advantages. As your client is often a layperson, they are unfamiliar with every part of the modelling process. Keep them involved and show them your early stages, so they can already start imagining their new home and get inspired. Another benefit of showing them a very basic model is that there are no distracting details and only that is shown what your client needs to see.

Try uploading an all-white, non-detailed interactive 3D visualization and invite your clients for a virtual Xuver tour. You will see: they will get full insight into the early stages of the process as well. This will only benefit communication later on, as you can always grasp back on the foundational choices that you made together during the sketch phase. And once the foundation is set in (virtual) stone, you can return to the 3D drawing board and start thinking about the rest of the model.

A detailed, walk-through model

In contrast to the basic shapes and dimensions, you can also show your finished design in its full glory on Xuver. Your clients and you walk through the interactive 3D visualization with an avatar, as if it were a viewing in real life.

This approach makes it even easier for your clients to imagine their future home, as the avatar adds scale and dimensions of the model. Among many other features, there is a voice module that can be used for communication inside the model. This will make it incredibly easy for your clients to understand your design.

Show different scenarios with interactive 3D visualization

But that’s not all. As we said in the title: the modern architect shows everything, so that truly means everything. Luckily, with Xuver you can easily show different scenarios to get a clients’ approval. The days of scheduling face-to-face meetings weeks in advance and traveling a lot to your clients to show them something that could be done in half an hour are over. In Xuver, you find the Layer feature. This option can be used to layout different scenarios for your client.

Read more about the Layer feature here

Show everything, but stay in control

For example, your clients are not sure whether they want an open or a closed kitchen, or perhaps even a bar instead of an interior wall between the lounge and the kitchen areas. With the layer function, you can show and hide these three different scenarios so your clients can see what the implications of each of those are for the initial design.

As everyone logs in from their own location, it is incredibly easy to gather everyone and show your 3D model online. You can reach quick agreement on the best option for their kitchen and go back to your drawing board. Using Xuver to meet your clients will reduce your traveling times by about 50%. With Xuver you show your clients everything, while you stay in control of your 3D design.

Start today!

You can start showing your designs to your clients today. Xuver only needs a quick registration and off you go. You can start inviting your clients into your interactive 3D visualization today and showing them all phases of your design. Keep them informed and in the loop, and you will see that the overall progress will go much smoother.