It’s a time where online competition in the architectural world is rife. Clients have high expectations regarding communication, visualization and project efficiency. So how do you keep your clients happy and informed and stand out from the masses of architects and 3D designers? Let’s see how a 3D viewer, such as Xuver, can help you with this matter.  

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Top-notch communication

Do you want to quickly show your 3D design to your clients to get their opinion on a certain design aspect? Perhaps there is a different way to position the stairwell, or you would like to show them what the facade of their soon-to-be-built home is going to look like? Invite them inside the 3D model, walk around and ask them what their opinion is.

For both you and your client, this is an efficient way of communicating. Furthermore: you can use our 3D viewer in every stage of the modelling process. Show an all-white model without any distracting details to give your client a sense of space and dimension, while you move on to a fully colored and detailed model further down the line. 

In order to keep your clients happy, it is key to keep them informed. You can, of course, meet them in person, but as online communication is abundant these days, our 3D viewer can work seamlessly with your practice. With Xuver, you can invite your clients inside your 3D model and communicate through the built-in voice module, while walking around with your own avatar.

Show your design by sending a link to them and in a second, they can navigate the avatar (a 3D figure) around. All in their own browser, so no one has to leave their own spot. 

The uses of our 3D viewer

3D viewers have long since been around and your clients have high expectations. However, with Xuver, you provide an in-browser visualization that will show them your 3D design as a walk-through virtual world from their own home. 

Set up a virtual meeting with your clients and truly make them experience your designs from inside their own browser. By walking through a design, they will get a clear view of the space and dimensions of the project – A 3D viewer for you and your client!

Also for those clients that have less technical knowledge, Xuver works well to make your clients imagine your designs. Besides ‘just’ walking through the design, use the many interactive features as well to give your client a complete visualized image.

Select and highlight objects inside your design to make sure your client focuses on the right design aspects. Or use the laser pointer to point at those objects that need some extra attention. There is also the possibility to show and hide different layers inside your model that can be used to try out different design possibilities.

Would you like to show your client the implications of an interior wall between the living room and the kitchen? Use the layer function to show them what your design looks like with or without, and decide upon an option together. 

Overall project efficiency

Using Xuver as your online 3D viewer software to visualize your 3D designs to your clients will improve overall project efficiency. Keeping your clients in the loop from their own location eliminates about 50% of your travels to your clients (according to current Xuver users), as virtual meetings can be set up quicker and handled more efficiently.

Meet your clients online at an agreed time, ask their opinion about certain design aspects and go on with your modelling work. 

In short, this is how Xuver’s 3D viewer will positively affect your overall project efficiency:

  • Decisions are made quicker, without waiting for gaps in busy agendas to clear
  • Xuver can be used in every stage of the project, even the earliest stages
  • Different options can be laid out in the same model, decisions are made together
  • Less traveling, saving in time and costs
  • Access to your 3D design anywhere and anytime, for you and your clients

A happy client is an involved client

You can start using Xuver today to live up to your clients’ high expectations, but a better-informed client will also have benefits for you, the architect. Using a 3D viewer to keep your clients better informed during the modelling process will result in fewer misunderstandings later on in the project. You can start today by converting your 3D model. Xuver accepts a number of different file formats including, SketchUp, Revit, IFC or ArchiCAD designs into Xuver and inviting your clients for a virtual viewing.