Sometimes it seems like online meetings are not offering the engagement that you seek from your team. And that’s only normal, because as human beings we want to be as actively involved as possible. With XUVER, you can create a virtual environment in which live video chat and other engaging communication brings your meetings to life!

After endless online meetings on Microsoft Meet, Zoom or Skype, it can be hard to keep engagement at a constant level. This results in a phenomenon called Zoom fatigue, which will be detrimental to your meeting output and overall creativity of your team.

Create a face-to-face meeting, online

The solution is simple: by mimicking a real, face-to-face meeting while adding the benefits of online communication, you can create a whole new world of possibilities. XUVER uses this approach to allow its users to create a custom, virtual environment in which they can truly meet their audience. Just like you would in a meeting in real life.

Imagine the following scenario: You want to meet your team for an inspiring brainstorm session but everyone is in a different place. You could invite everyone for a live video chat online, one of the common platforms. However, the last time you did this, you noticed that many participants weren’t that engaged halfway through the meeting. That’s only normal, so don’t stress.

Meet inside an inspiring virtual office or auditorium

In order to solve this struggle, you can use XUVER. In XUVER, you can create your very own virtual office, meeting hall or auditorium. This can resemble your own offices, complete with banners, logos and brand colours. Inviting your audience is as easy as sending them the link to the online available meeting room. Everyone selects their own 3D figure (the avatar) and meets inside the virtual office. Indeed, just like you would in ‘the real world.’

But this engaging and lifelike meeting benefits from the virtues of online technology. A live video chat can be done inside the meeting itself, above the avatars you can use a small screen that can be used for this feature.

Besides this live video chat function, there are other engaging features to be explored within XUVER. For example, big screens inside the virtual meeting space can be used for screen sharing. Besides that, it is possible to add links to objects inside the space. This allows you to share information or lead potential customers directly to a product page, where they can find more information about your products.

More than ‘just’ live video chat

XUVER goes beyond what your live video chat app can do. You will be able to connect, engage and build relationships with your audience by meeting them online inside your virtual office. This creates engagement, inspiration and fresh energy to build upon for you and your team.

XUVER can be used in many different ways. Besides replacing your live video chat app with a more engaging and inspiring environment, you can also organize online events, lectures or workshops or sell your products online in a virtual retail plaza. XUVER allows you to go digital, but in a hyper-personal and creatively engaging way.

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