In a time where teams work globally, it sometimes feels like we’re hopping from virtual meeting to virtual meeting. These kinds of online gatherings are not always the most inspiring environments. So how do you create an online meeting space that gives your audience the most inspiring and engaging experience possible?

Let’s break it down to the essence of how humans experience value. In order to be creative, we need to feel inspired, valued and part of a bigger picture. In the offline world, this is achieved true meaningful, face-to-face conversations, spontaneous and . When we take our meetings online, we tend to forget how important this is.

Taking offline engagement to the online world

So in order to create achieve true value, inspiration and creativity from an online meeting, brainstorm session or webinar, we ‘only’ have to take an offline experience to the online atmosphere, right? That might be easier said than done, however with XUVER as your online platform, your next virtual meeting can be a lot more engaging, with all the benefits that come with it such as increased productivity and energy levels to a maximum.

Imagine the following scenario:

It’s friday afternoon, your team -that’s scattered at different locations around the world- has had an intense week with many online meetings involved. In order to make them feel valued and appreciated, you would like to do something special for them. But yet another scheduled Zoom call doesn’t seem like the best idea. Here’s what you can do instead:

  • So in order to create something truly special, you decide to use XUVER. With XUVER, you invite your team members inside a virtual meeting space, which can be any shape. It can be a virtual version of the main office, an auditorium, a UFO or a pirate ship! If you have a Sketchup, Revit or Archicad design file, it can be done. And even if you don’t have a file ready, we can design a custom virtual meeting area for you.
  • After you’ve got your virtual meeting space set up, you can share the link with your audience. Invite them simply by sending the link via e-mail or messenger services. Your team members can now select their very own avatars and walk around inside the virtual meeting space, where they will find you. Start exploring together, while you wait for everyone to arrive!
  • Has everyone joined with their very own avatar? Then the fun can start! Take a moment to thank your team for working so hard by using the video call option. Atop your avatar you will see a small screen that shows your face. After the welcoming words, you can share your screen on one of the big screens inside the virtual meeting space. Show your audience a funny video or give them an insight in the actual results of their work. This will make everyone feel appreciated and truly valued.

After this fun session, every avatar inside can mingle with the others, and a spontaneous and fun after-work meeting is mimicked in the online world. It’s very important to make your creative team feel like they’re part of a bigger picture, and the impact of spontaneous meetings are often underestimated.

How XUVER can help you setup your next virtual meeting

XUVER is made for both spontaneous and official virtual meetings that will be remembered for a long time. Your clients, team members or audience from around the world will feel much more engaged by meeting this way.

Would you like to learn more about what XUVER can do for you, your company or professional activities? In a 30 minute demo, we can inform you about how XUVER can help you create more engagement in your next virtual meeting.