In this series of blog articles, we will put a different Xuver feature in the spotlight. We will explain how to use this feature in the process of clarifying your 3D designs to your clients. In this article, we will discuss the option to change the lighting inside your model. With this, you and your clients can see your model in a different light. 

The importance of light

In every architectural design, the lighting is extremely important. The amount of light that falls into the living room of a new villa design is an important aspect of the design. It will also determine the positioning of furniture and other interior decisions. With Xuver, you can show your clients different lighting angles to give an idea of what the space can look like in different lighting situations.

How to change the lighting

Inside Xuver, you can easily find the feature to change the lighting in your 3D design. You can find the ‘sun’ logo, similar to the one that is used to set display brightness on your laptop. By clicking on this, you activate a toggle popup that allows you to change the incidence of light. You will see that the shadows in your model move as you check out different light incidences. 

Start today

You can start using Xuver today and experience what interactive in-browser visualization for you and your clients can do. Start using the different lighting settings and the many other interactive features and meet up with your clients inside your 3D designs. Follow the button below to sign up.