Are you looking for an Autodesk 3D viewer? Than Xuver might just have the solution for you. Our viewer works directly in your browser and can be shared with anyone who has a desktop or laptop. No heavy downloads, fast converting and allows you to view your Autodesk file from anywhere in the world with minimal fuss. View all your Autodesk Revit, 3D models and virtual architectural project easily with this viewer and invite anyone inside with you just at a click of a button.

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The advantages of our Autodesk 3D viewer

This viewer opens up a whole new world of advantages. It is a tool that works seamlessly from within your browser, something that seemed impossible for a long time.

But Xuver did it, which makes 3D visualization accessible for a large group of professionals and hobbyists. One of the files that we can convert into a beautiful three-dimensional model is an Autodesk RVT File. For anyone who uses this BIM-program, this viewer can also perfectly serve as an Autodesk 3D viewer.

Convert in the blink of an eye

One of the most innovative aspects of this viewer is that it is very easy to convert a design. Use the handy and free plugin for Revit to convert your files. You can download this plugin via our website. After downloading, simply follow the steps that are given to you via this plugin.

Your desired Revit sketch is being converted in the blink of an eye into a Xuver (.xr)-file. This file can be uploaded into the Xuver Backend System, which turns the file into a staggering three-dimensional model. Congratulations: you can now use the Autodesk 3D viewer.

The possibilities of this Autodesk 3D viewer

But what exactly are the possibilities of using this Xuver viewer as your very own Autodesk 3D viewer? There is an abundance of them. View a model from any corner and from a great variety of different camera angles. Walkthrough a model with a personal avatar, alone or together with others.

This enables everyone to view a model from his or her own location. Objects that need some extra attention can be highlighted or pointed out with the laser pointer. There is also a possibility to remove and (re-)add layers, in order to clarify different parts of the model. All these features make it very easy to discuss a model in a quick and easy manner. This benefits all parties involved in the process.

Our focus was to create a viewer that improved the efficiency of your work, improved relationships and communications with clients and ultimately make your working life much easier and more effective.

Convince yourself of our Autodesk 3D viewer

This beautiful tool was developed to be used. Therefore we would love to get in touch with you. For you, as well as your clients, contractors or other interested parties, this online viewer is the ultimate tool that will make your professional life quite a lot easier.

In order to use the viewer, there is no extra training required. Literally anyone can use this tool straight away. This unprecedented user-friendliness and the easy shareability -simply send an HTML link- of this tool allow anyone to quickly and effectively view a model. Regardless of technical know-how, every party involved can now quickly see all the ins and outs of a project. And perhaps the best of all of that? All of this is possible from your own location.

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Want to know more about the possibilities of this versatile viewer and how to use this tool as an Autodesk 3D viewer? Then you may always contact us. If you want to know more you can always call or e-mail us to schedule an appointment. Our team will be delighted to give you a personal demo of this viewer. Let us know what we can do for you!