As a 3D architect or designer, creating an architectural model is huge part of your daily work. And as each architectural model is unique and tailor-made to fit the client’s needs, you are putting in all of your creativity and professionalism. So why not do more with your architectural model and make it available online? Let’s explore some possibilities.

Making your architectural model available online as a 3D model for your client

So your client would like to see what you are designing for them? Well, great! However, there are often some hurdles to take in order to make your client truly understand a model made in a 3D designing program, such as SketchUp, Revit or ARCHICAD. In order to do so, you can use online visualization by Xuver. This turns your 3D sketch into a walk-through virtual world that can be accessed inside the browser. By walking through the model together with your client, you can explain what they’re seeing and why you choose to design in this manner. 

Why would you want this? 

Showing your architectural model online to your client clearly brings an advantage for the client, but we imagine that for you, the architect, it can be a bit much to show your architectural model already in the earlier phases of sketching. However, if you try it you will see that it brings both new insights and happier, involved clients.

Your clients want to be involved

The main reason for it is one that you may have noticed as well in your field of work: your client wants to be involved in your building process and likes to stay updated in what you are designing. This has something to do with the fact that -just like you- your client spends considerable time online, in a digital world where everything is available after a few mouse clicks. This results in an aware client that demands digital communication from you. By turning your architectural model into an one-of-a-kind online model you will be able to show your clients what you are creating for them, while keeping control over what the client sees. 

Reduce traveling- and decision making times

An example: with Xuver you can walk your client through an unfurnished, all-white building that focuses only on the shapes and dimensions of the project, basically giving your client a sneak peak of what this project is going to look like. After that, you can give them an insight in every later stage of the modeling process, by re-uploading your added design.

You and your client walk through the designs with your own avatars (3D figure), which makes the design palpable for your client, who often has limited technical knowledge. Furthermore, using Xuver in this way makes it easier for you to get approval on certain matters and it saves you a lot of time, as you don’t need to travel to your client as much as before. Architects who are already using Xuver say it cuts their traveling times in half. 

Your architectural model can be available today

Perhaps the best way to see how easy Xuver is, is to see it for yourself. You can start visualizing your architecture model today and invite your clients inside. Simply follow the button below and start your visualization journey today! Would you like to learn more about Xuver? Feel free to contact us and our dedicated team will be delighted to help you with all your questions.