As an architect, your architectural portfolio website is essentially your digital business card. When potential clients arrive they want to see your previous work, in order to decide whether you will be the right fit for the job they have in mind. In a digital age where everything is available online, it’s extra important to make your portfolio stand out. So how do you do that?

The importance of having a slick, up-to-date portfolio website 

Let’s say your future client is currently googling architects and in order to make a final decision, is comparing portfolios. Both you and your rival (let’s call him ‘architect X’ for now) have the right credentials for the task, however your architectural portfolio website hasn’t been updated over the recent years. Your work is old and the content shown is frankly a bit dated. 

Meanwhile, architect X has an easily navigable, slick and updated architectural portfolio website, using the latest technology available. Visitors to his website can even use a 3D online viewer to actually walk around inside his creations. This immersive experience will make visitors to architect X’s website give a true feeling of space and dimensions of their designs. 

Your clients know their way around the internet

Just to put it straight: just like you, your clients spend considerable time in front of computer screens. They know what can be expected and as everything is just a few mouse clicks away, these expectations are high.

Having an outdated or otherwise non-engaging architectural portfolio website is a missed opportunity for you to attract new assignments. This is the place where a potential client decides whether he will hire you or not. There is really no excuse to have a boring, old portfolio as your internet wise client will easily see through this and choose someone else over you. 

Taking your architectural portfolio website to the next level

In order to make your architectural portfolio website something that will work for you and stand out from the competition you can look at some new technologies that make this available. Showing images and videos on your portfolio page is never a bad thing, but what if you could take it to the next level? Making your 3D designs online available as an walk-through model is an option, and it’s easier than you think. 

Use Xuver to upgrade your architectural portfolio website

With Xuver, you can make your portfolio online available as a three-dimensional model, that will immerse your clients. After clicking the link on your portfolio page, they will enter the 3D design and walk around it freely with their very own 3D figure. With Xuver, you will create a whole new way of experiencing your previous works, and together with 3D images and videos your future clients will surely get a very complete view of your designs. 

Originality goes a long way

You know who your client is, your portfolio has to reflect this. So in order to leave a lasting impression on your client, you have to come up with something original. Having visitors to your architectural portfolio website explore your work by truly immersing themselves in it, will make them remember you as a modern, skilled and creative architect who understands his clientele. 

You can start using Xuver for your architectural portfolio website today. Simply convert your finished designs (SketchUP, Revit, ARCHICAD or IFC files) and create an online 3D visualization that can be made available on your website for all your new clients to see. Follow the button below to get started!

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