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From mumbo-jumbo to a comprehensible story – make your designs accessible with Xuver

For many clients, trying to comprehend your 3D design comes down to trying to make sense of a lot of technical mumbo jumbo. Without accurate communication, it is often hard to comprehend a 3D drawing. So how do you make your designs accessible to even the most untechnical client and eliminate communication errors?

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Make your 3D design comprehensible

We live in visual times and spend a considerable amount of hours per day in front of a screen. This also creates a demand from the client for you to use comprehensive visualization techniques. These techniques can be used to show your 3D designs to your clients, which makes it easy for them to create an image in their head. You can use high-tech renders or a viewing tool such as Xuver. With a viewing tool, you can give your clients the opportunity to truly check out a design as if it were already built and make them imagine your design better.

Availability of your designs

Wouldn’t it be great if your clients could view their designs without downloading or purchasing any software, but simply by following a browser link? With Xuver, you can make your designs always easily available to everyone involved in the modelling process.

Your client is able to view the 3D design together with you and check out all angles of the design. As the publisher of your design, you invite your clients into it by sending them the browser link, after which they can access the design from their own location.

You and your clients will appear inside the 3D model with a 3D figure (the avatar). The avatar will add space and dimension to the design as it can be experienced as if it were already built. This will make it easier for your client (who is often a layman) to imagine your design.

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Interact, show and explain

revit viewer

In order to prevent communication errors, it is important to keep your clients updated on the process. However, your technical knowledge can come across as complete mumbo jumbo to the average Joe, who is unaware and inexperienced with 3D modeling.

By taking the client on a journey through your design with Xuver, you are not just telling them, you are showing them the design. Furthermore, you can use the many interactive features to clarify your 3D design. Among many others, we’ve added a voice module for communication, a laser pointer to point out objects and an option to show and hide different layers in the model.

What’s in it for me?

So what are the benefits for you, the architect? Xuver can be used without any large additional downloads or complicated steps. Only a quick convert of your SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD or IFC files into a .xr file (file compatible with the Xuver viewer) will suffice and in just moments, you can make your design available to anyone involved in the modelling process.

For you, the 3D designer, meeting inside the viewer means that you will have to travel about 50 percent less and decisions can be made quicker and easier as they no longer have to be settled in a face-to-face meeting. Your client will be able to fully understand your 3D designs, after which you can go on with the process!

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