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Why you should make your next real estate viewing an online 3D viewing

As a real estate agent, it is always a challenge to show your inventory to clients, especially when its brand-new. Sometimes the building is not yet finished, or construction hasn’t even started. Luckily, there are other ways to show a building to your potential buyers, without anyone needing to leave their own location. Have you ever thought about taking them on an online 3D viewing? 

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First of all: why should you use an online 3D viewing? 

Let’s be clear here. We are not talking about sending digital images or videos to potential buyers, tenants or interested investors. An online 3D viewing means walking everyone through the building you want to sell or lease as if it were a viewing in real life. You and your clients meet up inside a digitalized version of your design and walk around navigating their very own avatar, a 3D figure. Offering an online 3D viewing, such as Xuver to your clients has some notable benefits to it. 

  1. Your client can be on the other side of the world

In a time where real estate is a key investment opportunity, interested parties from around the globe will make themselves known. Especially in the big cities, foreign investors take up a big (and profitable) chunk of the real estate market. So wouldn’t it be nice to show them around a premise without the need for anyone involved to leave their location? With Xuver, you can give them an online 3D viewing and show them around the real estate that you want to sell. 

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  1. Allow potential buyers to build an emotional bond with their future home

Another great reason to start adopting the use of online 3D viewings now, is that you can enable potential buyers to view the property in their own time. With Xuver, this is as easy as leaving the browser link you’ve sent available for the time being. Let your clients visit their future home in their own time, together with friends and family. This will create an unique opportunity to already form a connection with the place.

  1. Sell properties quicker while providing excellent communication

As a real estate agent, you are spending a lot of time traveling between properties and showing people around. Although necessary, this part of the job takes a fair amount of time. However, if you take your clients on a 3D viewing of the property instead, you can just guide them around from your (and their) own location. This will drastically reduce the time spent traveling to and from properties. Taking your clients on a 3D viewing will provide them with all the information they need. Besides winning time, a 3D viewing will offer excellent communication towards potential buyers and allows you to sell your properties quicker. 

Showing your real estate inventory in Xuver as an online 3D viewing
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Using Xuver as your online 3D viewing platform

All of the above mentioned benefits come together with Xuver: an online 3D viewing platform that was designed aimed for real estate agents to enable them to make their properties viewable online. Organize 3D viewings and invite potential buyers inside the 3D property. Everyone inside simply navigates the 3D figure (the avatar) around to get familiar with the shapes and dimensions of the property. 

Do you want to see for yourself what it’s like to use Xuver as your online 3D viewing platform? You can organize your very first online 3D viewing today, just follow the button below and start your free trial.

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