In this series of blog articles, we will explain to you a feature in Xuver and how to use this function in the process of clarifying your 3D designs to your clients. In this article, we will discuss the measuring tool. This feature allows you to measure distances inside the model, which will make sure that everything inside understands the distances and dimensions of the 3D design.

Measure from point A to point B

Xuver is an online viewing platform created for architects and 3D designers to meet with their clients inside a 3D model inside the browser. Everyone logs in from their own browser, the only thing that’s needed is an internet connection. You can meet your clients inside their future home and show them everything they need to know. While doing so, the measuring tool can be used to show them the true sizes of their future place. How high is the ceiling? Or what is the width of the bedroom? This will all become clear, simply by dragging the measuring tool from point a to point B.

A useful tool for every type of client

By using the measuring tool, your clients can experience the true dimensions of your new home. While walking around in Xuver, they can measure the sizes of the living room and see if their furniture will eventually fit. This will make it easy to get inspired and start looking for good deals for their new interior in advance.

In combination with other Xuver features

The measuring tool can be used on its own, but also in combination with other features that have been added to Xuver. You can speak to everyone inside the 3D design with the added voice module, so explaining while measuring is a piece of cake. One everything has been measured, your client gets a clear view of which furniture or other interior aspects (machinery, equipment) will fit.

And is there something in the way of an exact measurement? In that case, you can use the Layer feature to show and hide layers (e.q. an interior wall or a window) that potentially stand in the way of a good overview. After you’ve done so, you can measure the exact height of a steel beam structure in a large industrial complex without a problem.

Get started!

Are you excited? In just a few minutes you could have your first virtual meeting and use the measuring tool to measure your 3D designs from all possible angles! Sign up now and see how you can use Xuver in your projects. Start inviting your clients, stakeholders, colleagues or friends inside your models today and experience the future of visualization!