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Meet Xuver: an interview with our CTO Victor Stanchevici

Victor Stanchevici is Xuver’s Chief of Technology. From the very beginning of the development stage (now 5 years ago), he has been responsible for executing the idea of an in-browser viewer. CEO Patrick van Zwol was trying to find a programmer for this idea, but that wasn’t an overnight process.

Where others claimed it was impossible to create a viewing platform inside the browser, Victor thought he could do it. As a versatile and highly skilled professional who has mastered multiple programming languages, he now oversees the whole programming side of Xuver.

A balance between software and hardware

For Victor, computers were always around: “From an early age, I was highly interested in mathematics and computers. I studied computer science and physics (in Chisinau, Moldova) and created a game that I maintained. I worked for several years as a freelancer and gained experience during this time. Both the software and hardware aspects of a computer interested me a lot so I learned as much as I could about both sides.”

Patrick: “And that’s exactly what I was looking for. Someone who understands the delicate balance between hardware and software and knows his way around both sides. In other words: Victor was the ideal candidate to create Xuver and the Xuver engine.”

Joining forces to create the world’s first in-browser viewer

The Xuver idea had been lingering around with Patrick van Zwol for several years before he finally met Victor and they joined forces, now five years ago. Creating a 3D viewer that works inside the web browser seemed very difficult, if not impossible. So how did Victor know so sure he could do it?

“I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I knew I could do it”

Victor Stanchevici, CTO Xuver

Victor: “I saw possibilities from my previous work. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy, but I thought I could do it. So I asked Patrick to give me the chance to prove myself and my capabilities and make this happen.”

Patrick: “What was important is that we wanted to create a 3D viewer that was working without any additional software, and with a very easy and quick conversion of your 3D source into the in-browser viewer.”

Victor: “For sure the browser has limitations, but I knew how technology is always evolving and what is already possible. So we just started with it and especially in the beginning, it came down to a lot of trial and error. I basically said to Patrick: ‘let’s try it and we will see how it goes’.”

Creating the Xuver engine

Another important aspect of Xuver to note is that the viewer works on their very own engine, designed by Victor and his team. This approach definitely adds a lot of work, but it has some significant benefits to it. So why exactly did Xuver choose to create their very own engine, instead of going for an existing one?

“Building your own engine is like building a house: if the foundation has not been laid correctly, the whole thing will collapse.”

Victor Stanchevici, CTO Xuver

Victor: “For me, it was also a challenge to make the Xuver engine since I had never done it. However, I like a good challenge. There’s a lot of things to consider when building an engine. First, it must be strong of course.

And by strong, I mean good performance, good memory speed. As the engine is the whole foundation of Xuver, it is perhaps the most important part. Building your own engine is like building a house: if the foundation has not been laid correctly, the whole thing will collapse.”

As for the benefits of having an own engine, Victor explains: “Having your own engine adds a great deal of freedom and independence. You built it yourself, so you know exactly what your engine can do.”

“If a client comes to us tomorrow and wants something very specific, we can always make adjustments, since we created it all ourselves”

Patrick van Zwol, CEO Xuver

Patrick: “That’s true, and the flexibility it brings also adds room for possibilities. If a client comes to us tomorrow and wants something very specific for their line of work, we can always make adjustments since we created it all ourselves.”

Not the easiest road

In creating their own engine, Xuver definitely didn’t choose the easiest road to take. But for Patrick van Zwol and Victor Stanchevici that was never an option. Victor: “There were a lot of things that had to be perfect in order for this plan to work. Most importantly the converter speed, the performance and the interface all had to be quick and user-friendly.”

Adding to the story of his CTO, Patrick van Zwol adds: “That’s exactly the essence of Xuver: a one-on-one tool that handles everything and doesn’t add any extra work to the user. We want to make sure everything goes automatically: click on the convert button, and in a matter of moments the design can already be viewed in the browser.”


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