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An interactive online Autocad viewer

Are you looking for an online Autocad viewer that allows you to view and discuss all your 3D Autocad designs? Xuver has developed the right tool for this job. Read all about the many features of our online Autocad viewer in this article.

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An online Autocad viewer like no other

The result of our ambition to create the world’s first completely online 3D viewer is now ready to be shown to the world. With our viewer it is no longer necessary to download heavy software before watching a 3D model. Furthermore, you no longer need to visit clients, contractors or other interested parties in order to show them your Autocad model. Simply send them the link, after which everyone can directly enter the model from their own browser. Walk through the model, alone or with others. This feature makes the online Autocad viewer unique. All your Autocad Revit models are visualized in a spectacular manner.

An interactive online Autocad viewer

Another important detail of this Autocad viewer is the unprecedented interactivity of the tool. While you walk through the model, together with other interested parties (clients, contractors, potential buyers) you can discuss the model in detail by using the built-in speaking module. And that is of course a big advantage for everyone involved. Emphasize certain details and objects with the other added features that increase the interactivity.

Point out while you discuss

While you discuss the model in real-time, you can point out every detail in the model with the built-in laser pointer in order to clarify details for others involved in a fast manner. You can also remove and re-add layers, which makes underlying details visible. This is only a small example of the many functions that this viewer has to offer. Al these interactive features have been added in order to make sure that everyone involved gets a quick and effective idea of the whole project. Even the parties who might not possess the biggest technical know-how.

Quick conversion to the online Autocad viewer

Another important advantage is the possibility for a quick conversion of your Autocad sketches into the online viewer. This is made possible by our extra service. Because Autocad is an important 2D sketching program, and our viewer works with 3D files, Xuver will first convert your 2D sketch into 3D. After this step we can easily convert this and you can quickly view it in the online Autocad viewer.

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Would you like to learn more, or perhaps you would like to plan a personal demonstration so you can see the many possibilities and advantages of this handy tool? Our enthousiastic team would be delighted to help you out. Feel free to contact us.

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