online IFC viewer

Are you looking for an online IFC viewer? XUVER has developed an online tool that will help you communicate your 3D models to clients and others from the comfort of your own desk. With our web-based IFC viewer, you are able to turn your IFC files into an interactive, online experience. You are able to share your Designs with clients in real-time and use our interactive features to discuss ideas. In this article, you can read all about XUVER, the world’s first interactive web-based IFC viewer.

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A unique IFC viewer

The most popular sketching programs use the IFC file format. However, in order to share these IFC files with your clients or contractors, they also need to be able to run the same software. At XUVER, we figured out a way to avoid this unnecessary complication by making your IFC designs available as an online interactive model. We developed a solution that can be used by anyone, layman or professional. With technology moving at such a fast pace and clients looking for certainty when working with an architect or 3D designer, XUVER is here to solve IFC users problems. Immerse your clients like never before by making them walk around inside your IFC design. 

An IFC viewer with ultimate user-friendliness

Our online viewer has been designed in such a way that everyone can use this tool without any extra training. Simply follow the secure HTML link and open the viewer in your own browser. After this, you can walk through the model, alone or with others, while discussing everything with the built-in speaking module with your own microphone. Discussing a model in detail was never this easy! Now you can give a quick and efficient overview for everyone, with improved feedback as a result. In return, this improved feedback will enable you to smoothen out your design process and finalize your designs quicker. This is a win-win situation for both you and your client, who gets the information he or she needs in a comprehensible and client-minded manner. 

An interactive online IFC viewer

Furthermore, this extra communication service towards your clients will surely be appreciated. The many interactive features make it very easy to update everyone involved on the progress of the project. Because our online IFC viewer is the first in the world that works entirely web-based, this means that no one has to leave their location. As a professional, this will save you both time and money on traveling costs and meeting clients. Both you and your client can meet online and discuss the project through the built-in voice module, which enables you to speak to your clients as if you are side by side.  

Rapid convert into the IFC viewer

In addition to all of that, XUVER also makes it possible to rapidly convert all your IFC files into the online viewer. The only thing you need to do is to download the free IFC converter developed by XUVER. With our free converter, you can turn your IFC files quickly into a XUVER (.xr) file. This converted file can now be uploaded into our web-based platform, after which you can walk through the beautiful, interactive 3D version of your model, this is one demonstration of the many possibilities this viewer has to offer.