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All your 3D assets, easily viewable in a handy, online 3D model. Xuver’s online viewer is a beautiful addition to the arsenal of every serious, modern asset manager. From now on, you can do your asset management from your own browser anywhere in the world!

View 3D assets from your browser

This completely new way of asset management is a great addition to a line of work that requires key efficiency and where there is a lot at stake. With these key points in the back of ones head, the Xuver team started to optimize the online viewer for 3D asset management. We are a company that is specialize in three-dimensional visualization. With our online viewer, we take this to the next level.

Walk through a digital world in which you can view all your 3D assets. By linking your Property Management System and your Maintenance Management System you can access all your information with just a few clicks. Which 3D assets need replacement? Which ones are still okay to use? Find out in the blink of an eye.

Revolutionary 3D asset management

The fact that this online viewer works within your browser is in itself a unique factor, however the amount of interaction makes this versatile tool also very useful for asset management. Because this viewer simply works from within your browser, you can literally view all your 3D assets from anywhere in the world. Another key point of this viewer, is that it is a multi-user viewer.

Walk through the three-dimensional version of the building. You can do this with others, such as suppliers and/or colleagues. This will give everyone involved a clear image of what needs to happen. And eventually that is what effective asset management requires.

View all your 3D assets where and when you want

Using this viewer for 3D asset management, means that you will definitely not regret this decision. This line of work that requires top-notch efficiency and an optimally aligned asset management system saves money. 3D asset management from literally anywhere in the world, and anytime you want to is a valuable addition.

Want to know more about 3D asset management?

Would you like to learn more about the many possibilities and the insight in your 3D assets that this viewer for 3D asset management offers? In that case, the Xuver team can be of assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us, or look further. In our FAQ, for example. Or sign up for the free trial by clicking on the button below.