Many companies are searching for online solutions to have a virtual Christmas celebration. As many countries are going into yet another lockdown we are also facing another task, Deciding whether to postpone or virtualize the company Christmas celebration.  How about this, we make it a completely new engaging virtual experience that is nowhere close to a Zoom presentation? 

Spontaneous interaction and engaging experience

With her virtual spaces XUVER enables an engaging experience which is built around interaction. No 1 on 1 presentations but a real-life experience where people wander around a virtual celebration and run into each other for a spontaneous greeting and conversation

Why you should select XUVER for your virtual Christmas celebration? 

  • Quick and easy set up in 15 seconds
  • Realtime, live interaction and socialization with chat, audio and video
  • Real-life experience for meeting people online
  • 100% browser-based – no download or installation required
  • Reliable uptime
  • Realtime support is available during the celebration
  • Virtual spaces in XUVER remain available for an entire year, so great for webinars and other meetings in the new year!
  • An unforgettable memory of celebrating Christmas with avatars

Request a XUVER business space for your Christmas celebration 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I invite co-workers into the Christmas space?

    Use the share button in XUVER to send the unique URL to anyone you would like to see in the space. Toe enter your guests only have to click the URL


    Can I mute other visitors for a presentation?

    Yes you can. The host of the meeting controls all the sound settings including individual sound for every attendee.


    How about privacy?

    Access tot he virtual space is anonymous for public spaces. Only account information is saved. You always control your data and can delete your account information at all time.


    How many people can be in a space at the same time?

    200 people can be concurrently in one virtual space. If there are more people you can spread them over multiple spaces that are linke with one another.


    Does the space remain available after the celebration?

    Yes, virtual spaces in XUVER remain available as long as you like, from you web portal you manage access and availability.


    Can I share my screen or video for a presentation?

    Yes, logo’s can be easily added in the space. Upgrade to a Pro subscription and even have your logo in your very own custom menu.


    Can I add my own logo and customize a space?

    Yes, logo’s can be easily added in the space. Upgrade to a Pro subscription and even have your logo in your very own custom menu.