Are you looking for a way to open skp files and view and turn them into a virtual meeting space? Xuver developed an interactive meeting tool which allows you to meet your audience from all over the world and create valuable experiences for you and your clients.

Open skp files as an online virtual meeting space

XUVER is the first of its kind: an online meeting space that can be accessed inside the browser, simply by sending a link to your audience, after which they can access the online meeting space in no-time and meet you inside. Using live video chat and a personalized avatar makes the whole experience a lively and exciting adventure. XUVER can be used to tackle modern-day phenomenons like Zoom fatigue, as it uses interactive communication that actually simulates the social engagement of a real-life meeting. Your online meeting space can be completely customized in your brand or colours.

Open skp files and turn them into a virtual meeting space

Sketchup is an amazing program that enables you to make great 3D designs. With XUVER, you can now open skp files in the browser and use them as your virtual meeting space. By using the Sketchup converter, you can convert your SketchUp files easily into a virtual 3D model. After this, you can send the link of your meeting space to your audience. Anyone with the link can join the virtual space. Everyone is able to communicate with another by Audi, chat and video. It even had spatial audio.

How can I open skp files in XUVER?

But how does it work? How to open skp files in the online viewer? After downloading the Sketchup converter, you open the program. After this step, you will see a simple drag and drop menu. Here you can select your preferred skp file and drop it in the converter. Now your skp file is being converted into a Xuver (.xr) file, which can on its own be uploaded into our Backend System. Within moments, this file can be published and shared in the browser, after which you can walk through the model, with other users.

Open skp files in XUVER: what benefits are there?

There are many advantages to using XUVER. First of all, this handy tool is unprecedentedly interactive and engaging. Walk through the model, together with your audience. You can view the 3D model directly from your own browser and your own location. Walkthrough the model and discuss it in real-time. All these features make sure that everyone involved gets a quick overview of the project. Your design in our online SKP viewer can be shared within moments. Even those parties, that do not have the most extensive technical knowledge. It is also possible to point out objects by using the built-in laser pointer or to temporarily remove layers in the design. This enables everyone involved to get a clear insight into the process. Discussing a design was never this easy! Furthermore, you save on travel costs. Indeed, everyone can just view the model from their own browser and location.

User-friendliness comes first

During the years-long development of our online meeting space, we always put user-friendliness first, together with interactivity. And in that, we succeeded. The easy interface of XUVER makes sure everyone can use this virtual meeting space. There is no additional training required.

Navigating through the virtual meeting space

Within moments after you open skp files, everyone invited can walk around inside the model with a 3D figure, the avatar. The model can be easily navigated by using the keyboard arrows.  If you’ve sent invitations out, you will soon see more avatars: it’s time to meet your audience. The avatars can communicate with eachother by using live video or audio chat. There is also a possibility to attach URLs or share screens inside the meeting space.

Open skp files and bring them to life in XUVER

With Xuver, you have found an amazing way to open skp files inside your browser. But XUVER is more than that alone. This one-of-a-kind virtual meeting space makes it unprecedentedly easy to show your creativity to the world. Invitations are easily sent, simply share the secure HTML link via e-mail and everyone invited can join you. Invite your audience and create spontaneous meeting inside your model!

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