In every architectural design process, good communication is key. All too often, it’s hard to explain to your clients what you mean just by explaining you designs. A solution can be found in XUVER, a platform that allows you to organize a 3D meeting inside your browser.

View your designs in a 3D meeting

With XUVER, it’s possible to invite your clients inside your designs for a 3d meeting. Inside the design, direct communication is possible via the built-in audio module. Your client can be on the other side of the world, but with XUVER’s direct communication and presentation, it’s just as easy as speaking face to face.

A new way of meeting: online and interactive

Inviting your client inside XUVER is as easy as sharing the link to your online published design, for example in an e-mail. Your client can enter the design from any device. After clicking on the link, you and your client are able to walk around inside the 3d meeting with your own 3D figures (avatars). These avatars give an extra interactive dimension and at the same time add a sense of space and dimension to the design.

3D presentation made easy

XUVER makes your next 3D presentation incredibly easy. Not only are your clients able to join from anywhere in the world and from any device, they will also be able to do so without any downloads or software installation. For you, the designer, it’s also easy to publish your designs online and start your very first 3D meeting today.

So how do you set up your first 3D meeting in XUVER? Let’s look at it step-by-step:

  • Register for our free trial. This allows you to use XUVER for free for 30 days. No obligations, no credit card needed.
  • After registering, you are now ready to convert your first 3D design file (created in SketchUp, Revit or ARCHICAD) into a XUVER file (.xr) using the right converter or plugin. You will be able to download all our plugins and converter for free. In moments, your design is converted.
  • Now you can upload the converted file into XUVER by simply dragging and dropping it into the menu. While the design loads, you can select your avatar and off you go.
  • Welcome to your very first 3D meeting! Take some time to walk around and explore your design at your own pace. Do you see anything that needs editing? In XUVER, you can alter a lot of variables, such as colours, materials and even make objects temporarily invisible. Handy!
  • Now you invite your client(s) inside the model, simply by sharing the browser link. They can enter from any device and from anywhere in the world. After clicking in the link, your clients will appear inside the design with their own avatars. Communicate directly by toggling the microphone icon on and chat away.
  • Your first 3D meeting is now established. You and your clients can visit the model anytime you want. Allow your clients to build a personal connection with the design by letting them explore it in their own time. And anytime new questions may arise, you simply set up another 3D meeting.

Save time and communicate clearer

Using XUVER results in significant time savings, while your communication and presentation is clearer. Your client can actually walk around inside the design, which brings everything you designed for them to life. XUVER works easy, quick and on every device. Sign up for our free trial to experience XUVER for yourself.