Are you looking for a skp viewer that visualizes all your sketchup projects in an unprecedented manner? In that case, Xuver might just have the perfect solution for you. The viewer that we created makes for a viewing experience seldom seen before. This viewer also stands out in its user friendliness. In this article we will tell you all about this versatile viewer.

Innovation in visualization

At Xuver, we strive to be as innovative as possible. For a long time it seemed to be impossible to view a 3D model, without first having to download heavy software for it. With our viewer, these days are gone now. This viewer works directly from within your own browser, which makes it incredibly easy to view and share a model quickly with your clients, contractors or other parties involved in the project. Moreover, your Sketchup files are converted within minutes.

Convert your .skp files with our free converter

But how does that work, converting your files? This happens with our free and especially for this purpose developed Sketchup converter. This handy converter can be downloaded for free on the Xuver website. After downloading the converter you can upload your .skp files. Select your design and follow the steps in the program. After this you log into the Xuver Backend platform. Here you can upload the converted Xuver (.xr) file, after which it will be made into a gorgeous three-dimensional visualization.

The advantages of our skp viewer

And that visualization comes with a lot of advantages. Our viewer, which can also be used as a skp viewer, is an extremely versatile tool. Viewing a virtual three-dimensional model in the viewer is like walking through a building in real life! The personal avatar makes the viewing experience extra lifelike. Use different camera perspectives and bring everything to the attention of all parties involved in the process. Furthermore, you can use the laser pointer to point out different objects or highlight details in the model. Discuss the project live with the built-in speaking module.

Everyone from their own location

And perhaps the most convenient of all of those features? Everyone involved in the project can view the model from the comforts of their own location and from their own browser of choice. No extra training is necessary to use the viewer. Simply share the link with the others involved and everyone can walk through the model in no-time. Viewing, managing, and discussing Sketchup models was never this easy!

Contact us for more information

Would you like some more information about this unique viewer. That is possible. You may contact us and we would gladly show you our extensive portfolio or give a personal demonstration to show you this viewer in detail. Do not hesitate to reach out to us.