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The perfect 3D CAD viewer

Are you looking for a 3D CAD viewer? Xuver has developed one that is able to convert the most-used CAD-files into a beautiful, interactive 3D model. This unique viewer works simply via your browser. Read the article for all the information on this special viewer.

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Rich experience in the visualization sector

Xuver is a company that keeps renewing itself and keeps looking for new ways to make 3D visualization even better and user-friendly. From this ongoing search and the rich experience that this brought an idea was born. We wanted to develop a 3D viewer that can be used from within the browser. This viewer can also be used as a 3D CAD viewer. Create a viewing experience like never before. Make your model accessible for every partij involved in the process. Because of the user-friendliness of this viewer, everyone can do this. No extra training is required to view a model.

The advantages of our 3D CAD viewer

And that is merely the beginning. Because our viewer, that can also be used as 3D CAD viewer, has major advantages that come in handy for a broad array of people. Hobbyist or professional, architect or asset manager: everyone can find a use for this versatile in-browser viewer. The viewer can also easily be shared. By using a shareable, secured HTML-link everyone can easily view a design.

Walk through the design with our 3D CAD viewer

This viewer can convert every CAD-model with the utmost ease into a beautiful 3D world. Walk your clients through the model while at the same time explaining them in real-time all the ins and outs by using the speaking module. Point out objects with the added laser pointer or remove and re-add layers in the model. All these features make it very easy to show a model for every party involved. Even those clients, that lack a great technical know-how will get a clear view of the project in no-time.

Want to know more?

Perhaps you would like to know more about this unique viewer that was developed by Xuver and how to use this handy tool as a 3D CAD viewer. In that case you can always contact us. Our team of experienced and driven visualization experts will be delighted to show you what the possibilities are.

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