How to upload, publish and share 3D models in just moments! - Xuver

With Xuver, you have a platform that allows you to upload, publish and share  your 3D models. All of this can be done in mere moments and Xuver works without heavy software downloads. In this blog, we will break the beginning of your Xuver experience down for you in a 3-step guide. 

Step 1: Convert your 3D Models

After a short signup, you are automatically in the Xuver platform. The first thing you need to do is convert your file format into a Xuver (.xr) file. Are you using Revit, ArchiCAD, SketchUp or IFC? Xuver works for all these file formats. Find the right converter or plugin for your 3D designing software and download this small file to your Windows or MAC computer. Within moments, your 3D model will be converted into the .xr file format that is compatible with our viewer.

Step 2: Upload and publish

Now you can upload the converted file by selecting the option to add a new project. Fill in the name of the project, whether you want it to be public or private, and click submit. Don’t forget to add the converted file! The loading bar will appear and in moments you can walk around inside the 3D design with the avatar. Experience true space and dimensions and walk inside your design as if it was already built.

Step 3: Share your 3D models with others! 

This step is where the fun – and true purpose – of Xuver comes out. To share 3D models, you can either choose to use the share button or simply copy and paste the browser link of the viewer and send it to your peers, for example in an e-mail. After receiving the message, everyone you invited can access the model just as easily as you. Walk inside the building around together, while you use the many interactive features, like talking through the voice module and using the laser pointer to point out details.

share 3D models

Why share your 3D models with Xuver?

Xuver is an entirely new way of publishing and sharing your 3D designs online that will make sure your clients will for sure understand what you’ve been designing for them. Xuver was created to bridge the knowledge gap between architects, interior designers and other 3D professionals and their clients. All too often, a technical drawing made in a 3D drawing program such as SketchUp, Revit or ARCHICAD is not easy to understand for your clients that have little to no technical knowledge. This results in a lot of time being lost trying to explain your drawings. 

Efficiency and interactivity

By using Xuver, which can be accessed quickly with the 3 steps explained in this article, it’s now incredibly easy to share your models online with your clients. You and your clients walk around inside the model that runs inside the browser and is accessed simply by sending the browser link to your clients. Explore the shared 3D model together, while discussing every detail of it through the built-in voice module. Your clients will get a clear view of the design in no time and you will save some precious traveling time. By using Xuver, you will keep your clients involved, informed and happy! 

Start your Xuver experience today

Your Xuver experience can start today and within moments, you can invite anyone you want into your 3D models. So whether your designing houses, gardens, ships or industrial complexes, on a professional or amateur level: with Xuver you can show your design easy and quick to anyone involved. Follow the button below to sign up and start today.