Besides being a platform to view your 3D designs online, you can also use Xuver as a digital portfolio tool. Publish your 3D designs online and make them available for visitors to your website to walk through.


A new way of showing your portfolio online

As an architect or 3D designer, having your portfolio online is incredibly important. Your online portfolio is your digital business card that gives potential clients a view of what you are capable of. With Xuver, you can show your portfolio on your website in an entirely new way: Quick, interactive and as an immersive 3D experience that will impress visitors to your website.


digital Portfolio publishing: the Xuver way

Are you looking for a visually interesting and original way to publish your 3D portfolio? With Xuver, you create a virtual world that can be accessed publicly by anyone who visits your portfolio page. After accessing your design, they will enter the 3D visualization. Walking around using the arrow keys is a piece of cake, as we have added a 3D figure, the avatar. This avatar gives visitors a sense of scale and dimension and creates an experience close to walking through a building in real life. Exploring the model in Xuver provides ultimate freedom for your website visitor to check out your design from every angle.


An interactive portfolio

That’s not all there is to it. By using Xuver as an online portfolio tool, you are also able to meet your site visitors directly inside your designs! Inspire potential clients by showing them around your work. Live communication is possible through the voice module, while interactive features such as the laser pointer or the possibility to measure distances enable you to explain your particular architectural style. This interactivity is what makes Xuver as a portfolio tool stand out from static images or even fly-through videos.


An excited visitor becomes a new client

Let your previous work speak for you. In this way, it’s essential to give new clients a good viewing. Is your client a private party that is looking for an architect to design their new house? Or perhaps it’s a big construction contractor that wants to create a housing block? Walk with them through your similar designs in your Xuver portfolio. For every potential client, actually walking through a 3D design will create an experience to keep in mind and it will show your professionalism as an architect. Before you know it, an excited visitor to your website becomes a new client.


Start your Xuver experience today

You can start your Xuver experience today and indulge the visitors to your website into your 3D digital portfolio. Xuver works with SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD and IFC files as sources and makes your designs available in just moments. Follow the button below to sign up and claim your 2-week free trial.