Xuver is the world’s first in-browser 3D communication platform that will immerse your clients in your SketchUp designs. But did you know that you can also use Xuver as an interactive portfolio for all your SketchUp designs? Let your clients immerse in your designs and show your SketchUp portfolio in a truly original way!

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The importance of having your Sketchup designs available and interactive

How do you normally show your portfolio to your clients? Normally, you would have a series of artist’s impressions on your website that will show your designs to your clients. But what if you could actually immerse potential clients into your previous work? Add a layer of interactivity to your designs by letting everyone walk around inside with their own 3D figure, the avatar

But in addition to that, Xuver can also be a platform for visitors to experience the space and dimensions of your design by walking inside of it with a 3D figure, especially as an interior designer. This will help them imagine your work as if they are viewing the buildings in real life. The interactive experience will leave a lasting, professional impression on your new clients.

What’s the difference between Xuver and a regular 3D portfolio?

For each architect, showing your portfolio on your website is important, as potential new clients will often look at your previous work before they make a decision on a professional who can design their dream house. So in order to give a clear view of your designing capabilities, you will have to make sure that your examples engage your client and give everyone a clear image of your designing skills and style.  

Meet your future client inside your interactive 3D model

By adding the option to view your designs in Xuver, you will add interactivity to your portfolio and your clients to become immersed in designs. In a time where clients become more tech-savvy and assertive, this offers great opportunities to show your capabilities as a modern and online architect.

Besides having visitors to your website explore your portfolio on their own you can also agree upon a time to meet up with them inside the design, and talk them through all the ins and outs by using the built-in voice module.

Use the laser pointer to grab their attention and point at details that are relevant to their particular requirements. A particular style of stairs? Or classical pillars in front of the building? Show and explain to them inside Xuver how you did it for previous clients. 

A great addition to your design portfolio

Using both Xuver and artist’s impressions on your portfolio page will serve all potential clients’ needs. Besides seeing an image or video of previous designs, they can also choose to actually walk inside it, which will give them a very complete view of your SketchUp capabilities: essentially a ‘best of both worlds’.

Another benefit of giving visitors the option to choose their medium to view your portfolio is that it will leave a lasting impression that will make their experience easier and your ability to communicate more effective. 

Publish your interactive portfolio today

Xuver is very easy to use, and you can start using Xuver as your interactive portfolio platform today. Within moments, you can convert your skp file into a .xr (Xuver) file, which will be uploaded and visualized inside the browser. After publishing your SketchUp design, you can share the link on the portfolio page on your website. From now on, visitors will be able to immerse themselves inside!