Real estate asset management with Xuver

Real estate asset management with the Xuver viewer

Real estate asset management has become an increasingly hot topic within the industry. Now, more than ever it is becoming important to have control over and manage your assets easier than ever before. Good real estate asset management saves a lot of money. When there is an efficient real estate management and maintenance process in place it becomes much easier to pursue an active policy.

Xuver has created a creative and unique asset management tool that is like no other on the market today. We believe our online tool will make your life much easier and your work much faster.

With our very user-friendly viewer, we can take real estate asset management to the next level. No special training is required to use the viewer and It is incredibly easy to use the viewer and no special training is required to use the viewer, neither is it necessary to download special heavy software. This revolutionary tool works straight from your browser, which makes it unique and easy to use for everyone in your team. And from anywhere in the world. Simply just log into your system and you can have a clear understanding of your assets.

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Real estate asset management from a different angle

This viewer that was developed by Xuver adds a completely different dimension to real estate asset management. It is no longer necessary to be physically present in a room and see for yourself which assets need replacing. In our viewer, you walk through the virtual version of a building with your own avatar. Use the functions in the viewer to understand what assets are in place and what needs replacing.

Why did we build this viewer? We hope this tool saves you money and time visiting properties, clients and makes sure you keep on top of your assets at all times and from anywhere in the world.

We believe this is the future of asset management and a new approach within the industry.

From threedimensional environment to your MMS

Xuver’s viewer has a few more handy aspects for the modern asset manager. There is the possibility to connect all the assets from the viewer directly to your MMS (Maintenance Management System). This makes it very easy to check on the status of your assets. It is possible to switch between the three-dimensional environment and the MMS. The assets you will find in your threedimensional environment can be quickly identified. This is real estate asset management from an entirely new angle.

Real estate asset management by Xuver

Would you like to know what Xuver can do for you? Feel free to conact us to setup your asset maagement system. Our team is always aware of the new developments in the world of digital asset management, 3D visualization and everything in between.

The developments are going very fast, but at Xuver we are always up-to-date. We have a 2-week free trial available so no commitments necessary at this point.

We would like to show you in person what the possibilities are and what we can do for your company. Real estate asset management can be much more efficient. You will see that it costs less time to modernize your real estate asset management, which eventually results in fewer costs. And of course: saving costs is one of the goals of effective asset management.

Feel free to call or e-mail us for an appointment. By showing you our extensive portfolio we will show you the possibilities and make sure that you will get a complete image of the possibilities that this handy viewer offers for the asset management of your real estate.

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