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Stand out in real estate marketing and sell new properties faster! Amaze and excite your prospective buyers with an immersive experience into their potential home, utility or office building.

95% of the prospective buyers say they feel ready to buy after experiencing XUVER. Host the ultimate virtual reality estate visit and increase visit v.s sales conversions by 30%.

Sell a Newly built House Quicker

Traditional Marketing

Traditional visualization methods often offer not enough possibilities

With Xuver

You give your clients a clear insight in all the details of a project and walk through the 3D model of the residence


A virtual space of new properties is made quickly. The architect converts his 3D design and sends his XUVER XR format to you. After that, you can upload the XR file and start the online sales process. This is done in minutes, after which the model can be viewed through a shareable link and without the need for extra software.

Walk Through

Selling a residence requires attention, time and an eye for detail. Naturally, prospective buyers want to get a clear insight into all the details of a project . However, traditional visualization methods often offer not enough possibilities. With our web-based viewer, you can provide in this need for a clear insight and make the residence available for visitors and prospective buyers. In other words: you can start selling the soon-to-be-built residence before the actual construction work has started.


Walk your client -or clients- through the 3D model of the residence, everyone can do this from their own location. Talk to your clients in real-time about all aspects of the model, while showing them points of attention at the same time. Involve your clients in the project from the very start of the construction plans and get a better image of the project as a real estate agent. With this unique viewer you have a major advantage on your competitor and you will impress your clients. Lastly: our viewer saves traveling costs, time and you are guaranteed to sell your newly built house quicker.

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