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These are extraordinary times. As we all stay home to stay safe and protect others. You do everything possible you to continue the design process while working from home.

What’s in this article?

  1. The Challenge
  2. Meet your clients and colleagues online
  3. Quickly converting your designs
  4. Editing your design before inviting the first clients
  5. Viewing the design with your client
  6. An online meeting space for clients and colleagues
  7. A remote and highly personal experience
  8. Try out XUVER

1. The challenge

How do you secure business continuity? As an architect or 3D designer, many activities involve meeting people face-to-face. From daily meetings with colleagues to design sessions with clients. All these activities have now become a challenge. How do I meet my clients? How am I going to share the models? How do I get the right feedback?

There are so many personal activities that lead to a successful design. These extraordinary times require new working methods and new ways to continue your business. The easiest solution is to use online tools to continue the work while staying at home. Is there a solution where it all interactive aspects of designing come together? Yes, XUVER makes it possible to work as a remote designer and secure business continuity for every 3D designer and architect

2. Meet your clients and colleagues online  

XUVER is easily used to meet clients, colleagues, and others online, inside the 3D visualization of your design. This immersive experience has proven to be a very effective way of showing a 3D design to clients. While walking around inside the design, your clients will be able to get a complete view of the project by clicking a simple URL link.

XUVER converts SketchUp, Revit, ARCHICAD, FBX and IFC with a free plug-in. It is an excellent way to organize online meetings with people involved in the design process. Walk around the design with a personal avatar, while you speak to one another with the built in voice module. Using this interactive 3D visualization helps people get a feel for the design, collaborate instantly with others and provide the visual support that is necessary to make decisions. Designers report to finalize designs up to 30% faster when using XUVER.    

3. Quickly converting your designs

So how do you start becoming a remote designer that uses XUVER to meet clients online?  The first thing you need to do, is to convert your 3D designs made in the SketchUp, Revit, ARCHICAD or IFC file formats into a .xr (XUVER) file. This file is compatible with the online platform and used to create the 3D environment of your designs.  

This very easy, quick step is done by downloading the right plugin for your file. Simply follow the steps provided and install the plugin, which then works inside your 3D sketching program. Drag and drop the file you want to convert and that’s that: your first XUVER project can start!  

Uploading the converted .xr file of your design is another quick drag and drop into the platform. After a short upload, you are already walking around inside an interactive 3D version of your design.  

4. Editing your design before inviting the first client

Before you invite your first clients inside the model, you can now edit the project easily to make it look even better. This can be done in real-time inside the web-based model, without adding extra parameters or creating a completely new model. By using the sliders inside the platform menu, designers can edit designs easily and in real-time.  

So what exactly can you edit in XUVER before you send your first design to your clients? For example: you could alter the light reflection, shadow structures or change certain colors in the design. You can also temporarily remove different layers, such as interior walls. This is all done in just a few mouse clicks and your changes are shown directly inside the design. 

Edit your design in just a few seconds, to make it more realistic.

5. Viewing the design with your clients  

Once the design is completely to your liking, it’s time to start sharing. Sharing the model with clients is done by sending them the browser link which they can open on their computer, smartphone or tablet. After following the link, they will appear alongside you with their own avatars (a 3D figure) 

During the virtual walk-through, you can speak with your client through the built-in voice module, as if you are actually side by side. Complicated designs turn into an exciting, immersive experience that makes your design come to life to your clients.  

Or, as one of XUVER’s users puts it strikingly: “The avatar adds space and dimension to the design for the client, while walking around the design enables the designer to easily point out key aspects to the client. The client experiences the design as if it were already built, which makes explanation of even the most complicated projects a breeze.”  

Visualize architecture in the browser

6. An online meeting space for clients and colleagues  

XUVER provides a complete online meeting space that can be accessed at any time, by anyone and from anywhere in the world. That makes it not only an easy way to meet clients online, but also for designing teams to discuss a design project together 

In the same manner as already mentioned, the link to the browser model is shared with your colleagues and everyone involved in the project meets inside the model. Besides the voice module, there is a laser pointer to point out design aspects that need some extra attention.  

The result of using XUVER is that everyone gets a clear view of the project when meeting inside the 3D version. Among colleagues it improves mutual understanding between all parties involved, which results in detecting possible design flaws earlier and a quicker finalization of designs. 

7. A remote and highly personal experience   

Using XUVER makes it possible for you as an architect to offer a remote and at the same time highly personal experience. Since your clients experiences the design as if it has been realized, you will receive better feedback, and from this improved feedback the design process will benefit as a result. 
With XUVER, everyone can become a remote designer in no time. Your designs can be converted, published, edited, shared and discussed with your clients today. You can keep providing your high-quality personal interaction with your clients while working remotely 

We invite you to start a 14-day trial and engage with clients and colleagues like never before. Put XUVER’s revolutionary technology to use and speed up your design process while you are at it! 

8. Try out XUVER  

XUVER helps to work as a remote designer. Start a 14 day trial and engage with clients and colleagues like never before. Put XUVER’s revolutionary technology to use and speed up your design process while you are at it!

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