In the construction and building world, Revit is a well-known drawing program and Xuver has developed a plugin for this popular program in order for you to communicate your 3D designs much more effectively. Read everything about it in the following article.

What exactly is the Xuver Revit plugin?

Try XUVER for free

With this handy tool, you can convert all your sketches from Revit into our special Xuver (.xr) file which can then be viewed and shared online. The plugin can be downloaded for free on our website and works from within your trusted Revit program. After converting the Revit file to a .xr file it can be downloaded into our Backend System.

From Revit plugin to interactive 3D viewer

After logging into the Xuver Backend System it is only a matter of time and uploading the right file. After this step, the file will be visualized and your Revit sketch can be admired within several moments in our web based viewer, within your own browser. It is no longer necessary to download complicated or heavy software beforehand. You and your clients can view the model from within the browser. This makes viewing your design incredibly easy.

Why choose the Xuver viewer?

Besides the fact that this revolutionary viewer is completely web-based, it is also very user-friendly. Everyone can use this viewer, no special training is required. Our viewer also excels in interactivity. This aspect comes to show in the many possibilities that this viewer offers to view your design from all possible sides. Communicate in real-time with other visitors in the model, while at the same time you point out different aspects in the model. This makes it a lot more effective to explain a design. There is no longer a need to look at it from a blueprint or drawing, Your design literally comes to life. This makes the process easy for every party involved.

Would you like to know more about our viewer and the Revit plugin?

Xuver is specialised in in-browser solutions. Would you like to know more about our Revit plugin and how you can use this handy tool in combination with the web based viewer by Xuver? We would like to hear from you then. Contact us via e-mail or telephone. Our young and ambitious team would gladly be of assistance to you and let you know what possibilities are.