3D modeling comes in a great variety of different software, each with their own file formats. From IFC to ARCHICAD, and from Revit to SketchUp, just to name a few. Wouldn’t it be nice if there were a way to visualize your 3D models online, so you can easily show your clients your designs without anyone leaving their own location?

The importance of online visualization

Your architectural visualization has become increasingly important. In a market that’s competitive and deals with high demands regarding communication and client satisfaction you’ll need to step your game up a notch. Your clients are not the same as the clients twenty years ago. They are familiar with the internet and modern techniques, so naturally this is expected from you, the architect or 3D designer as well. From the ones using Revit to Sketchup, all the way to IFC or ARCHICAD: online visualization has a great deal of benefits for you as well as your clients. 

The benefits for you

So one of the first questions coming to mind while reading this blog might be something like ‘what’s in it for me?’ matter, and that’s by all means logical. When you’re adopting a new technique, it has to have advantages for you. So: what does online visualization do for you exactly? Well first of all, you will be able to show your designs online, which will save both you and your clients the time it takes to travel to and from. As a result, appointments to view the design with your client(s) are easily and quickly made, which significantly reduces approval time. 

Consider the following situation: sometimes you just want to quickly update your client on a design choice you made, So how do you do that usually? You would travel to them in person, which can be rather difficult when the both of you have full agendas. Instead of going through all of this admin, you can easily just show your design online by converting it with Xuver. Within moments after converting and uploading, you’ll have an online interactive visualization. of your 3D design that can be shared simply by sending your clients the browser link. You can do all of this, and much more with Xuver. 

The benefits for your client

But creating an online visualization isn’t only beneficial for you: it also has some major advantages for your client, more specifically for their understanding of the modeling project. Normally, your client isn’t that technically educated, and as a result showing your 3D designs inside the designing program (whether that’s IFC or ARCHICAD or Revit to SketchUp) will usually not bring much clarity.

Show your designs online! 

Showing your design as an interactive online visualization to your client by using Xuver will make it easier for them to understand. Why? Because by walking through the interactive visualization (with their own 3D figure, the avatar) your clients will be able to see the design in front of them as if it was already built. Indeed: like a real-life viewing, but online. Your client will be able to understand what you mean in no-time. After updating your client on the modeling progress or getting their approval on a designing choice, you can part ways again and go on with what you do best: designing your best models.

From Revit to SketchUp, ARCHICAD or IFC to Xuver

From Revit to SketchUp, ARCHICAD or IFC to Xuver is done in mere moments. You can start visualizing your 3D models today and making them available for all your clients to see. Use the button below to sign up and start taking your clients on a journey through your designs today.