‘Can I share my screen real quick?’ This sentence alone must be used countless amounts of times every day, in online meetings around the world. Screen sharing has become an important tool to get the right information across in fast-paced online environments. With XUVER, you can share your screen with everyone involved and live-stream videos or presentations.

Share your screen in your virtual space

We know: using digital communication to conduct team meetings online can be challenging. True engagement is often hard to achieve, as ‘Zoom fatigue’ is a very real consequence of online meetings and working remotely. So how do you create maximum ‘offline’ engagement that reaps the full benefits of digital communication at the same time?

The science behind solving ‘Zoom fatigue’

In order to solve the phenomenon of Zoom fatigue, it’s important to get to the core of it. Psychologists have proven that a simple video call session doesn’t stimulate or engage people in the same way that a real-life meeting would.

In XUVER, the audience meets inside a virtual world, with a custom avatar that resembles the audience member. From that moment onward, something interesting happens. Because of this virtual experience instead of merely video chatting and screen sharing, the audience members are far more involved, engaged and less prone to experience feelings of boredom or disengagement.

Offline engagement in an online environment

One way to catch -and capture- the attention is by approaching a meeting in the digital world just as you would do in the ‘real world’. Make it accessible, interactive and engaging for your audience will do wonders for the engagement and attention of all participants. A well-equipped digital communication toolbox does the rest, and enables your team to meet in the most engaging digital way possible.

Screen sharing is just where it starts

With XUVER, you can meet your team, colleagues or stakeholders from anywhere in the world easily in an accessible virtual space. Upload your very own virtual office, auditorium or meeting venue for the occasion or customize one of the ready-made XUVER designs with your branding and specific colours. XUVER works completely online, so the virtual space can be shared simply by sending all participants a link.

Share screens, add links and video call

After doing that, it’s time to enter the virtual meeting space with a personal avatar. Inside, you will meet all other participants and the virtual meeting can begin. XUVER offers several communication options to create an engaging online conversation. One of these is screen sharing, which can be done on a big screen inside the virtual space. Screen sharing allows you to show videos or give a live presentation to your audience within moments.

Some other options you have within XUVER include:

  • Video calling
    Inside the virtual space, all participants can conduct video calls, which allows for personal and easy communication.
  • Attach relevant links to objects
    In case more information is needed, relevant links can be added to objects inside the virtual meeting space.

Engaging and personal online communication

By inviting your audience inside a virtual meeting space, you essentially bridge the gap between online and offline meetings. Creating an inspiring and engaging online meeting environment in XUVER will do wonders for attention span, team spirit and productivity and goes far beyond screen sharing alone.

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