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Share your 3D models online

As an architect, you want to share your 3D models online quickly and easily for your client and others to see. This often requires meeting in person and showing them your 3D model. A big downside of that approach is that your design is not always available for your client to view without them downloading specialized software. Wouldn’t it be nice for your client to be able to check out their future home at any place and any time they want, without using any extra software or downloads?

share your 3D models online

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Client benefits

With Xuver, your client can view the 3D designs you made for them comfortably from their couch with friends and family or from their office during their lunch break. Xuver enables you to get a virtual 3D visualization that works within the browser. All you require to access it is an Internet connection. This creates a great communication service for you to use with your clients. They can now walk in and around the design with their own avatar (3D figure) and truly experience space and dimensions as if it were a real-life viewing. Xuver can be accessed easily, at any time and from any place. Sending your clients a link via e-mail is enough to view the in-browser visualization.

Benefits for the architect

Xuver also benefits you, the architect. Making your 3D model available online reduces the travelling time for architects up to 50% and will get you the answers you need from your clients quicker. Sometimes you just need a quick client answer on a certain matter. To travel back and forth isn’t always very pleasant while discussing a complex 3D model over the phone is not an option. The solution is easy: meet your clients in Xuver. Together you can walk in and around the model while explaining everything about it through the built-in voice module and the many interactive features. Meet your clients inside, get the answers you need from them and get on with the project.

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Expanding your work range

share your 3D models online

By using Xuver, it doesn’t matter anymore where in the world your clients are, you can share your 3D models online within moments. This means that you can theoretically expand your working range worldwide. Designing for a client in the United States while you are based in India? Xuver provides the platform to do business abroad and take on different, bigger and perhaps more challenging projects.

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We have good news for you! You can start using Xuver right away and experience for yourself how it works. Xuver is created with the architect and their clients in mind. Making your designs available online in moments! Sign up today to experience it for yourself.

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