Xuver is the world’s first in-browser visualization platform that has been designed to inform every type of client, even those that are unfamiliar with architectural software.

In order to make sure that everyone inside the 3D design will understand the scale and dimensions of the project, we have added a 3D figure, the avatar. The idea behind the avatar is simple: if there is a ‘person’ inside the model, it becomes easier to understand scale and distances.

So you’re an architect or 3D designer that wants to show a design to your client, who is a layman. This is a difficult task, as you need to make sure this client gets your design by either showing them high-res renders that are expensive and not very interactive or by showing them your design on your own laptop.

The software that you design with might be very clear for you, for your client it often brings about more questions than answers. In order to make a 3D design truly tangible, we added the avatar.

Why the avatar?

The avatar is a 3D figure that can easily be navigated by using the arrow or A.W.S.D keys. The avatar was added to add a sense of scale and dimension to the average client that is unfamiliar with specialized 3D design software. Furthermore, your clients are getting more and more accustomed to spending considerable hours in front of a laptop screen.

The client, who is used to these modern times, sees it as only natural that the visualization techniques also live up to their expectations. With the avatar, they can walk inside their future apartment as if it was already built.

Your models will come to life

And that’s not all. While doing so, everyone that you, the architect, invited into the 3D model walks around with their very own avatar. This is as close as it gets to a viewing in real life. A new housing block, an industrial complex or even a big new shopping mall will come to life to everyone involved in the modeling process.

Xuver has also added a laser pointer that will shoot from the avatar’s right hand to anything that needs some extra attention. In combination with the added voice module that allows audio communication, you can be sure that everyone involved will be up to speed in no time.

Get started!

You can get started with Xuver today and invite your clients inside your 3D design with their very own avatar. Everyone can log in from their own location, which will save you considerable traveling time. Meet online, walk around with your avatars and inform everyone on the progress of the model. This all can be done in just a few mouse clicks. Follow the button below to sign up and start using Xuver today.