For architects and 3D designers, excellent communication and presentation skills are very important. There is an easy way to upgrade your next architect design presentation. With XUVER, you can show your clients your designs in an interactive 3D environment.

Direct communication inside your architect design presentation

When showing your designs to your clients, what is an essential factor for a successful presentation? For most architects and 3D designers, answering that question is easy. Communication is perhaps the most crucial factor in every step of the design process. So how do you communicate clear and comprehensible, even for the clients that don’t have a lot of technical knowledge.

With XUVER, we solved that dilemma for you. Inside the architect design presentation, you can communicate directly with your client through the built-in voice module. While using the avatars (3D figures) to walk around inside the model, you and your client can use your device’s microphone to discuss the design directly.

Organize an architect design presentation from anywhere in the world

With XUVER, you can set up your next presentation meeting from anywhere in the world and on any device. This ultimate flexibility will result in happy, informed clients. So how does XUVER work?

From 3D file to online presentation in moments

XUVER allows you to convert your 3D files (SketchUp, Revit, ARCHICAD, IFC) into a .xr (XUVER) file. This file is then used to create the online available 3D architect design presentation. After a few moments of loading and selecting your avatar, you are now good to go. Walk around inside the model and explore every angle of it.

Before you start inviting your clients, you may want to alter a few things. Perhaps the color of a wall can be different, or some lighting could be less bright. All these things (and many more) can be edited simply by using our editing menu. After you’ve made everything perfect, you can invite your first client inside.

Share your architect design presentation inside your browser

To share your model with your clientele, you merely send them the browser link. After following the link, your clients will show up with their very own avatars inside the model alongside you. Take your clients on a 3D viewing through your architect design presentation. Explain everything by communicating directly through the voice module.

While presenting your clients the design you’ve created for them, you may want to use some extra features to explain what you mean. Feel free to explore the other communication features such as the laser pointer or the measuring tool. Using these along with direct communication makes sure there will be no doubts any more for your clients. Everyone inside the model gets a clear-cut view.

The power of a 3D architect design presentation

The power of presenting your designs online in XUVER lies in the fact that your clients see the design clear as day, right in front of them. Instead of trying to explain a 2D or 3D sketch, they can walk through the building as if it was already built. This makes all the difference.

Making your architect design presentation in XUVER is fast, easy and will save you a lot of explanation time. Our current users report a decrease of 40% of the time it takes to explain a design to clients. Besides that, XUVER is available without any downloads, from anywhere in the world and on any device. Ultimate flexibility and elimination of noise and distractions: welcome XUVER as your new online architect design presentation platform.