Sometimes you want to show your clients some different scenarios within the same model to lay out some options and see what’s possible. With our Layer option, two different roof styles, or different sizes of an extension will become visible with one mouse click. Make your clients imagine those different options and smoothen the decision-making process.

The Layer option: What you should know

So what exactly is this Layer option in Xuver? Once you have uploaded your 3D design to your Xuver portal, you can publish it and walk around in it with your clients, each with their own avatar. While doing so, the different layers that you used in Revit, ArchiCAD or IFC can be shown and hidden.

Do you want to show your clients how your model looks without an interior wall? Hide it. Or put the focus on structural beams in an industrial complex by removing ceiling and walls. Besides showing and hiding different layers, the Layers option is also used to create different scenarios for your client.

Take control over your 3D design

And that is particularly useful for your client, who is often a layman, to truly understand your designs. Sometimes, your client doesn’t know what’s technically possible, which results in unrealistic design expectations. With the Layer feature, you can take back control over what your clients see. Show them the possible options, without giving them room to misinterpret your design.

While doing so, you can explain to them why that interior wall, structural beam or pillar really has to be in a particular spot, in order to keep the whole structure from collapsing. This will bring everyone up to speed, not only on what is aesthetically pleasing but also on what is architecturally possible.

Show scenarios and get quick approval

The Layer function offers a great tool in showing your clients the implications of a certain design choice. There can be a few small ones or one large window in the extension of a house. These different solutions can be laid out and communicated separately while you walk your clients through the design inside the browser.

Both you and your clients view the model from their own location. In the past, laying out different design options often meant traveling to your clients and showing them either time consuming and expensive or your 3D design on your own laptop, which -due to its professional nature- is not ideal for an average client.

No special training or complicated downloads

When you use the Layer function on Xuver, you tackle both problems at once. You will save in traveling time and costs, and you have a tool that your client can actually use with no special training or complicated downloads required! With Xuver, you can layout the different options, get your answers and clients’ approval and go on with your job. Smooth, thorough and above all: quick. Everything you and your clients need to know will become clear in just a few mouse clicks.

Get started!

Are you excited? In just a few minutes you could have your first virtual meeting and start making using the Layer feature to show different design options to your clients. Sign up now and see how you can use Xuver in your projects. Start inviting your clients, stakeholders, colleagues or friends inside your models today and experience the future of visualization.