Anyone who creates three-dimensional designs is familiar with the versatile designing program SketchUp. Xuver created a web-based viewer with which your designs can be represented even better. With the SketchUp converter, you can make these designs visible in this viewer, in a fast and easy manner.

How does the SketchUp converter work?

The power of the Xuver SketchUp converter lies in its simplicity. The converter can be downloaded for free through our website. Simply follow the steps and open the program. Now you can upload your desired SketchUp file into the converter. After doing this, the file will be converted from a .skp file into a .xr (Xuver) file. Save this file. Now you login to our Xuver Backend System. Find the .xr file and upload it into the system. Our servers will start to work and within moments your design can be seen in the web based viewer.

Why choose the Xuver viewer?

Our solutions are always innovative and user-friendly. This also goes for our revolutionary web-based viewer. This 3D viewer is unique as it is the only one available that works directly from within the browser. It is no longer needed to download heavy software before you can show your designs to the customer. With this viewer you can show your creations in an interactive way, from the comforts of your own office.

Because of the high rate of interactivity and the many communication possibilities you can also make perfectly clear what exactly is meant with this design. The time that designs are being talked about at the drawing table are over now. Now you can literally walk through the three-dimensional model and show all the amenities of the design. This handy viewer will save you time, but it is also a way to bring clarity in a fast and efficient manner, for all parties involved in the building and designing process.

Want to know more about the SketchUp converter?

Want to know more about the web-based viewer by Xuver and our SketchUp converter? That is possible. Please contact us via e-mail or telephone. Our young and ambitious team will gladly enlighten you on the possibilities of this unique viewer.