Are you looking for a Sketchup free converter that will bring your sketches to life in an unprecedented way? In that case, Xuver has a solution for you. With our online viewer and the Sketchup free converter, it becomes very easy to visualize, discuss and explain all your designs. With our 3D communication tool, it is now easier than ever to showcase your designs to other and clients. Find out more below.

How does the Sketchup free converter work?

With this free converter, you can turn all your designs in a quick and effective Xuver (.xr) file. Of course, this software for Sketchup is available as a free download through our website. After installing the converter, you can simply drag and drop your files and visualise them within moments into our 3D viewer. The interactive 3D model can be viewed from within your own browser. Furthermore, our online viewer is constructed in such a way that everyone can use this tool without the need for extra training. The easy interface makes using this viewer an absolute breeze.

The advantages of this 3D communication tool

Our online viewer is unique and one of a kind. For a long time, it was seemingly impossible to view and share a 3D model that works from within the browser. But with Xuver This completely interactive tool can be used by anyone. Sharing the model is as easy as sharing a link. After receiving the link, everyone with a computer and access to the internet can view the file from their own browser and their own location in real-time. Another main point of this viewer is interactivity, which enables that everyone involved gets a quick and clear view of the model. Even those parties, that do not possess the biggest technical know-how.

An interactive Virtual Meeting space

But where does that interactivity manifest itself? In our virtual meeting space we have a few built-in functions. There is an option to explain the model by using the built-in speaking module in the virtual meeting space. Together with other interested parties, you can now walk through the model, as if it was a real viewing. While you discuss the model, you can also point at details that require some extra explanation, or you can highlight objects for the same reason. Another exciting feature is the possibility to remove and re-add layers from the Sketchup model. In this manner, all aspects of a 3D model can be easily discussed, without having to leave your own location.

Would you like to learn more about our Sketchup free services?

Would you like to learn more about our services, such as the Sketchup free converter in cooperation with our online viewer? That is possible. Feel free to contact us and we would be delighted to help you. Our team can give a personal demonstration of all the handy features of this revolutionary tool.

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