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All your Sketchup models perfectly visualized

As a regular user of Sketchup, you might be familiar with the following dilemma. In order to show your Sketchup models to others, they need also need to be able to have the same software. Furthermore, Sketchup is a rather specialized program that requires some technical knowledge, something which not every party involved possesses.

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Sketchup models in 3D in your browser

How handy would it be to view your Sketchup models in an unprecedented way from within your own browser? That is exactly what Xuver has to offer. Our online viewer visualizes all your sketches in a matter of moments. The only thing that you need to do is to download our free Sketchup plugin. After installing this plugin, the viewer will work from within your trusted Sketching program. Open Sketchup and select the model that you wish to convert. The plugin will now start to do its work and convert your sketchup file into a .xr (Xuver) file. With this file we can create an informative, online 3D model. Within moments, this 3D model can be viewed in your own browser.

Discuss your Sketchup models in real-time

A big advantage of this online viewer is the possibility to view the model in a quick and effective manner from within your own location. Inviting others is as easy as sharing a link. After opening the link, everyone can walk through the model in their own browser. Also, by using the built-in speaking module you can bring everyone involved up to par in a quick and easy manner. You can also highlight objects and point them out with a laser pointer, or remove and re-add layers in the model. In this manner you can easily show all ins and outs of a model and bring everyone up-to-date in a quick manner.

View Sketchup models from your own location

We designed this tool in such a way, that everyone involved can easily view the 3D version of your Sketchup models. There is no extra training required in order to use the viewer. Literally everyone can use the viewer right away. This handy tool saves you a lot of time. With this viewer, there is no longer a need to go to your clients to meet them. Instead you can just walk them through the model and save valuable time. Furthermore: this extra layer of communication towards your client will for sure be appreciated.

Want to know more?

Would you like to learn more about how to convert your Sketchup models easily into our online viewer? In that case: feel free to reach out to us. Our team will be delighted to hear from you and provide you with a personal demonstration according to your professional needs. Or signup for the free trial.

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