Anyone who is into creating three-dimensional designs has most likely heard of SketchUp. With this versatile program, amateurs as well as professional designers can easily draw their designs. SketchUp has made the world of 3D modelling a bit more accessible. Xuver likes to take this one step further and offers the handy Sketchup plugin, a tool to show your SketchUp models in our web-based viewer.

What exactly is the SketchUp plugin?

The SketchUp plugin is a handy plugin that can be downloaded through our website. With this plugin you can rapidly convert your sketches to a file that is especially developed by Xuver (.xr). This file you can upload in our Xuver Backend Platform, where it will be visualized. Moments later it can already be viewed in our special web based viewer.

The conveniency of the SketchUp plugin

In its simplicity lies the key to the convenience of the SketchUp plugin. The program can be downloaded for free on our website. After installation, the plugin will work from within SketchUp. Follow the requested steps and save your file as a .xr file. After this, the only thing you need to do is upload this file, after which it can be viewed in our viewer. Converting a file into a threedimensional model was never this easy!

Why choose Xuver’s web based viewer?

With our specifically for this goal developed web based viewer, your SketchUp designs will come to life. A unique point in this viewer is that this one works from within the browser. There is no need to download heavy software to view your designs. Anyone with a laptop and internet connection can now see your beautiful 3D models. You can provide top-notch service to your customers by literally walking through the model with them. The high levels of interactivity make sure that all ins en outs of the project can be extensively reviewed. Besides a beautiful manner of presentation, this viewer is also extremely useful. And lastly, our viewer is extremely user friendly. No special training is needed to use this tool.

More information about the SketchUp plugin?

Would you like to know more about this handy plugin for SketchUp or our special web based viewer. That is possible. Feel free to contact us via e-mail or telephone and our team of specialists will happily enlighten you on the many possibilities.